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The world of food & beverages is constantly moving. Consumers demand products that are natural, nutritious and sustainable. They also expect it to be delicious. Team up with us to create new products and better recipes, and stay ahead of the competition.

Four ways to appeal to modern consumers

By working with us, you benefit from our expertise and fresh thinking. Make the most of our unique ingredients portfolio and discover new ways to create appealing products. Bakery boosters or chocolate confectionery ingredients, toppings for desserts or aromatic spice blends for ready meals—the choice is yours.

Discover indulgent sensory experiences

Enhance the taste experience, improve texture, delight the senses. Use our natural ingredients derived from cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts or spices to create delicious new products or refresh existing ones.

Develop plant-based alternatives

Develop new plant-based recipes such as cashew cheese and nut-based chocolate drinks. Compete in the vegan and vegetarian sector, and tempt consumers who have switched to plant-based foods.

Deliver on wellness and nutrition needs

Engage the wellness market and nutrition-conscious consumer. Harness the health benefits of dairy ingredients, spices and nuts to create tasty, nutritious products that consumers love.

Go natural and clean label

Celebrate naturalness and move away from ultra-processed ingredients. Create clean-label recipes with fewer, simpler ingredients. Source organic and GMO-free ingredients with no artificial flavours or preservatives.

It’s not new product development.
It’s a chance for real change.

It’s easy to make something taste amazing. It’s much harder to fill it with nutritional benefits too. And what about making sure it’s ethically sourced and right for the planet? Today, that’s the benchmark. Let’s exceed it, whatever exciting new thing you want to make next.


Your next cookie filling, cake topping, pie crust, biscuit crumb or bread mix starts with our playground of ingredients. Let’s get busy combining tastes, textures and colors that not only delight consumers, but also the people and planet around them.


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Even the most functional ingredient can make a real difference. With us, you can customized them to find taste, texture and nutritional profiles that make your hot, cold, or plant-based beverages unique.


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Chocolate & Confectionery

The world loves cocoa, in chocolate, confectionery, ice cream, bars and desserts. However, the need to make these treats better for our bodies and our planet has never been greater. Few can match our focus on cocoa, so we’re bringing lots of fresh thinking to the table – like reducing sugar and sodium in recipes with clever cocoa creations and vegan, organic and traceable solutions.


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Dairy & Desserts


Savory & Culinary

It’s great when you can respond to trends. It’s even better when you spark them yourself. Explore our world of ingredients. Together, we can create sauces, dressings, spreads, and spice blends that fulfil existing desires or even feed new ones.


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Join our search for the next trail mix, cereal, or snack bar hit. Together, we can find new ingredient combinations that fulfil consumer desire for taste, texture, nutrition, and traceability.


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