Sustainability in dairy farming

Our vision is a dairy supply chain that supports healthy animals, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

For us, the high standards we set for the taste, quality and freshness of our milk must be underpinned by good sustainable practices. That’s why we’ve committed to ensuring our dairy operations continue to foster a healthy planet, uphold high standards of animal welfare and bring prosperity to the communities we touch. This includes an ambitious target to cut our carbon footprint per litre of FPCM produced by a further 50% by 2030 (against our 2018 baseline) and to achieve carbon net zero dairy by 2050.

Milk Matters

Milk Matters is our first publicly stated sustainability commitments for our operations in Rusmolco, Russia.


Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, these targets will scale impact in the areas where we can make the greatest difference: Climate Action, Animal Welfare, Livelihoods and Social Inclusion. 

Infographic of sustainable dairy farming and ofi's commitment

Join us on our dairy sustainability journey

We are looking for dynamic alliances to gain greater insights and deliver even more impact. This will help us achieve a sustainable dairy farming future.


Three ways to engage:


  • By directly collaborating with us on existing or new initiatives that improve our local communities.
  • Through the AtSource Plus programme: this provides customers with engagement options tailored to individual sustainability ambitions, with clear structures and accountabilities, and a predetermined monitoring and evaluation mechanism. 
  • As a strategic partner, to support with technical expertise and resources for new and existing activities on our farms.

Milk Matters stories 

Encouraging the next generation of specialists

In the 1990s, rural communities were abandoned as people headed to the cities for work, but in the last two decades that has changed.

Two female farm workers inspecting cow dung on a diary farm

Empowering women in agriculture

Agriculture has historically been a male-dominated sector, which is why Rusmolco is committed to championing agriculture as a fulfilling career for men and women.

Woman in blue overall holding hay in the arms

Supporting sustainable livelihoods

Many Russians raised in rural communities find it difficult to secure well paid employment opportunities in their hometowns and move away to cities to find work, sometimes miles away from their families and loved ones.

Man posing with cows at a cow farm
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