Reporting your concerns (speak out!)

We encourage all employees and anyone outside of the company who suspects wrongdoing to speak out! 

The ofi Whistleblowing Policy sets out what you should do if you:


  • believe another employee or someone acting on behalf of ofi has, or is about to, do something potentially illegal or in breach of the ofi Code of Conduct and any ofi Policies; 
  • suspect some form of wrongdoing and are unsure of the proper course of action and need advice. 


Anyone can report a concern in good faith without fear of retaliation, either openly or anonymously. All reports are treated seriously, investigated properly, dealt with promptly, fairly and confidentially.



How to report a concern of wrongdoing


The ofi Whistleblower Policy maintains a simple online communication channel that can be used to report your concern, openly or anonymously.

If you prefer you may report your concerns directly to your manager however your anonymity will be lost in doing so.

The most effective and secure way to speak out is using the external fully anonymous online reporting system which ofi have set up.



Online reporting


To do this you should:

1. Click on the link on the ofi Ethics and Compliance page and select the Whistleblowing tab.

2. Click on the Whistleblowing Channel link and follow instructions to provide all the information requested in the fullest detail possible.

3. Upload any supporting documentation.

4.Where you are contacted for further information, please make every effort to provide this to the best of your ability as quickly as you are able.


Your report will then be reviewed, responded to where possible and investigated where appropriate. 



No retaliation


We will not tolerate any threats or acts of retaliation against individuals who raise a concern of wrongdoing in good faith.


If you suspect that you are being targeted, have been threatened or have actions taken against you in possible retaliation for reporting a concern you should report it immediately via the channels set out in the ofi Whistleblowing Policy.



To view the Policies referred to in this section contact the ofi Legal, Compliance and Co Sec function.