Sustainability in dairy

Dairy Tracks is our journey towards sourcing and producing dairy that is naturally good for consumers, farmers and the world around us.

Taking our sustainability efforts to the next level

All around the world, consumers appreciate the energy, protein and nutrients they get from dairy – and it’s only through working together we can keep providing dairy’s benefits whilst overcoming the challenges facing the natural world. 


Dairy Tracks sets targets for 2030 across ofi’s global dairy footprint. This includes lowering greenhouse gas emissions in line with our Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) target, expanding our rural economy and community development programs in our direct supply chains and working towards sourcing all dairy volumes from suppliers with a verified carbon footprint.  


Find out how we’re working with farmers and communities in New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland and beyond to make the future of dairy more sustainable, and hear the stories of the people making it real.

Our 2030 Targets

Be The Change and Join Us on Our Dairy Tracks

We’re always looking for new partners to collaborate with and create natural, nutritious dairy products while helping protect the natural world. 


3 ways to partner with us on Dairy Tracks:


  • Becoming a supply chain partner of our sustainability programs so we progress hands-on initiatives that enable sustainability and traceability improvements.
  • Working with our experts to create a tailored supply chain, designed to meet bespoke sustainability requirements. 
  • Providing technical expertise and resources that will help us implement the next round of sustainability initiatives on the ground.

Dairy Tracks Stories

Implementing digital traceability in New Zealand

We are using digital technology to drive innovation across our supply chain by collecting and analysing large volumes of newly available data. In New Zealand, we created a new app for dairy farmers to track a wide array of social and environmental metrics on-farm, from daily milk production and quality to environmental compliance and herd health. 


In the future, this data will be available to our customers using our sustainability management tool, AtSource, to give them traceability and transparency around where and how their dairy ingredients are produced. This will help our customers to better report and act on the sustainability issues that matter most to them and their consumers, making the value of our supply chain provenance real for customers.

Supporting local milk production in Nigeria

Since 2020, ofi’s Nigeria subsidiary, Outspan Nigeria, has supported local nomad dairy herders and communities by investing in bespoke programs. These are developed in partnership with a local partner, Kano Dairy and Livestock Husbandry Cooperative Union, to make sure our programs are tailored to the specific needs of these communities. For example, Outspan constructed five Milk Collection Centers (MCC) close to smallholder dairy farms in Kano State.


Before, local women walked many miles to sell their milk in distant markets, but now the MCC does this for them. We have also supplied high quality feed to improve the health of the cows in the local area, and conducted training to help nomad herders improve the wellbeing, productivity and fertility of their cows. In addition, we have set up transportation and cooling systems to preserve the quality of milk produced in the region.

Fortifying our milk powder in Malaysia

ofi’s dairy manufacturing facility in the southern state of Johor, Malaysia, produces dairy products for people all around the world. Here, we fortify our milk with micronutrients like Vitamin A, D and E – an important step because these micronutrients are vital to healthy development, disease prevention and wellbeing. As a staple ingredient enjoyed across the world, offering value-added dairy products that are full of nutrients helps to address nutritional deficiencies that are common in many of the markets where our products are consumed.