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Global food systems face huge challenges. AtSource, the award-winning sustainability insights platform powered by ofi, gives you a comprehensive view on social and environmental performance across your supply chains, and inspiration to take action.

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As the global population grows and the climate changes, our food and agricultural systems face huge developmental, economic and environmental challenges. Challenges we need to resolve in the next decade if we are to keep feeding the world’s growing population responsibly.


The award-winning sustainability insights platform AtSource was created in 2018 to help spot and monitor these issues and to enable customers to advance on their own sustainability journeys.


The AtSource dashboard gives you detailed insights into the journey of your ingredients and the lives of the people who are involved in producing them. These insights allow you to report accurately, build your brand by demonstrating impact to consumers, and work with us to identify and deal with problems.

Consumers demanding transparency

These days, consumers want to know more than ever before. Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of buying sustainable and certified products and are demanding change from food & beverage manufacturers:

  • to increase sustainable production
  • to develop traceable supply chains
  • to be action oriented and focused on improvement
  • to create positive change on environmental, social and economic topics

Are your products sustainably sourced?

Find out how AtSource offers transparency at your fingertips.

Transparency at your fingertips

With AtSource, you can track, the social, economic and environmental impact of a product from the farmer group to the factory gate. This gives food ingredients customers a deep level of visibility.

AtSource is powered by – among others - data from the Olam Farmer Information System. AtSource monitors nine core sustainability topics, related to the 12 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Because we can trace your orders back to the source, we can also provide farmer and impact stories gathered from the field.


AtSource helps food & beverage manufacturers:

  • Build trust though traceability and data-based transparency 
  • Report on sustainability initiatives and performance of your products and ingredients
  • Meet your sustainability targets and commitments
  • Generate insights that will inspire action and positive change
  • Embark on targeted sustainability programs with ofi


Want to know how to buy from AtSource Supply Chains?

Three levels to choose from

AtSource has three tiers, each building on the features of the previous.

Read about these by clicking on the relevant tier below.

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AtSource Entry

If you buy products from AtSource Entry supply chains, you see data at country, rather than farmer group, level. This includes third-party risk assessments on relevant sustainability topics. For example, the UNICEF Rural Child Labour or WRI Aqueduct Country Ranking. 


You also see environmental footprints for carbon, water, and land-use change covering a product’s journey from origin to the destination country. And you get reassurance about what happens in the supply chain thanks to our Supplier Code.


The journey of US garlic to France

For one tonne of dried US garlic going to France, AtSource shows that 20% of carbon emissions are from agriculture, 72% from processing and 7% from transportation. Similar information is provided for water and land use. The third-party risk scores show low risk for school attendance scores and food security, moderate risk for climate change, gender equality, life expectancy, and water use.

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AtSource+ provides a more detailed picture, covering the entire product journey from farmer group to the customer destination (for products that are registered on AtSource+ supply chains). Customers can create action plans, based on data and insights, to tackle issues in the supply chain with effective and efficient intervention. AtSource+ also includes impact stories that show the difference we’re making for people, communities and the environment.


Arabica coffee from Uganda

The Mount Elgon farmer group includes over 1,000 farmers who produce Arabica coffee on farms of less than one hectare. Thanks to OFI farmer training programmes, AtSource data show a 49% increase in average yield on the baseline year.

We also see there has been a decline in the number of women farmers in leadership positions (18%), but a 77% uplift in women training in Good Agricultural Practices. The health and nutrition metrics show that only 47% of farmers have access to clean water and sanitation. Clearly this could be a good target for future efforts.

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AtSource Infinity

AtSource Infinity—the top and most ambitious tier—opens up opportunities for you to participate in customised, large-scale and transformational sustainability projects, with ofi and other (non-) governmental partners.


Tackling deforestation in Brazil

ofi’s cocoa platform is working to stop deforestation and restore degraded land in the Brazilian state of Pará, which has the country’s highest rate of deforestation. The project promotes cocoa agroforestry as a more profitable alternative to small scale cattle farming and has helped regenerate 130,000 hectares of pastureland.


This project creates change on multiple levels by protecting and regenerating the local landscape, improving agricultural practices, and boosting economic opportunities for local farmers.

Medium shot of a tractor harvesting garlic
AtSource Entry
Man showing his colleague something on his cellphone
Two men kneeling and harvesting plants
AtSource Infinity

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Global Coffee Platform recognises two tiers of Olam’s AtSource programme as sustainability schemes

In a move by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) to advance transparency and sustainability in the coffee value chain, two tiers of Olam International’s sustainability insights platform AtSource – AtSource Entry Verified and AtSource Plus - have been added as new sustainable sourcing schemes to the GCP Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases programme.

Screenshot of the homepage of the Atsource website

olam food ingredients (ofi), Mondelēz International, Partnerships for Forests and The Nature Conservancy scale up efforts to restore forest in the Amazon

olam food ingredients (ofi), a global leader in natural and sustainable ingredients and solutions, Mondelēz International, Partnerships for Forests (P4F) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) ("the partners") have announced they are scaling up efforts to halt deforestation and restore degraded land in Pará, Brazil, helping to bring 48,000[1] hectares of land under sustainable management by 2023.

Brazilian man wearing red shirt bending over to inspect a plant

Olam’s AtSource Wins 2020 Reuters Responsible Supply Chain Award

AtSource, a revolutionary sustainability insights platform developed by global food and agri-business Olam to provide actionable data for manufacturing and retail customers of the third-party supply chains for products like coffee, cocoa, cashew, cotton, and rice, has just won the 2020 Reuters Responsible Supply Chain Award.

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