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AtSource is a sustainability management system for sustainable products and supply chains which helps food, beverage and ingredient customers optimize the sustainability performance of their supply chains with actionable data.


In addition to providing data on key sustainability metrics for compliance and reporting purposes, AtSource provides assurance and 3rd party verification on sustainability performance and compliance evaluation, end -to-end traceability and identifies risk areas that brands can address through interventions to drive real change for people and planet.

AtSource demonstrates impact delivered through targeted action driven by data and insights.

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Driving Change


Agriculture faces some of the world’s biggest developmental, economic, and environmental challenges, which need to be resolved in the next decade to keep feeding the world’s growing population responsibly.

Throughout our 30+ year history, we have learned from and worked with local farmers across six continents to truly understand integrated agricultural supply chains and the challenges that come with producing agricultural products.

To accelerate the drive for positive sustainability action in agricultural supply chains and create value for our customers, we developed AtSource: our sustainability offering for sustainable products and supply chains, created to drive change for farmers, communities, ecosystems and customers.

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How AtSource can help customers


AtSource was created by Olam Group in 2018 as part of its mission to re-imagine global agriculture and food systems.


Millions of smallholders who grow cash crops are living at subsistence levels, while natural resources, such as soil and forest are being degraded or lost. Meanwhile around a third of all food produced is wasted and the world’s population will increase by two billion by 2050.


We created AtSource as an answer to:

1. Addressing the complexity of agricultural supply chains

2. A growing demand for transparency, traceability and data

3. Increasing need to comply legislation and demand for ESG reporting


AtSource allows our customers to: 

1. Manage and reduce sustainability risks

2. Efficiently improve performance and impact in supply chains through verified and data-based insights

3. Accurately report on metrics relevant to sustainability commitments

4. Drive action in the ground and effectively communicate the impact of in-origin sustainability programs and partnerships


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For companies who are starting their sustainability journeys and want to manage reputational risk, AtSourceV offers:

  • Traceability back to farmer group level or our estates.
  • Assurance: risk and performance assessment on reference sustainability requirements.
  • Targeted action plans for continuous improvement.
  • Country-level risk profiles and generic carbon and water footprints.
  • Deforestation due diligence.
  • Third party verification every 3 years.
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For customers wanting a more detailed picture and granular data on the conditions at the source of their products. In addition to all AtSourceV attributes, AtSource+ offers:

  • Risk and performance assessment in additional sustainability requirements that go beyond our reference practices.
  • Granular metrics offering comprehensive insights, specific to each supply chain.
  • Advanced environmental footprints based on primary data. 
  • Annual third-party verification.
  • Deforestation due diligence.
  • Impact delivered through targeted programs, as well as stories from the field on sustainability outcomes.
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The most aspirational tier. Created to drive transformation and net-positive impact at scale. AtSource∞ offers:

  • Programs co-created with communities, customers, and other partners, like NGO's and government bodies.
  • Designed to regenerate landscapes in which farmers prosper and communities thrive, benefiting wider populations and the earth’s ecosystems.
Medium shot of a tractor harvesting garlic
Man showing his colleague something on his cellphone
Two men kneeling and harvesting plants

Read ofi news

Global Coffee Platform recognises two tiers of Olam’s AtSource programme as sustainability schemes

In a move by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) to advance transparency and sustainability in the coffee value chain, two tiers of Olam International’s sustainability insights platform AtSource – AtSource Entry Verified and AtSource Plus - have been added as new sustainable sourcing schemes to the GCP Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases programme.

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olam food ingredients (ofi), Mondelēz International, Partnerships for Forests and The Nature Conservancy scale up efforts to restore forest in the Amazon

olam food ingredients (ofi), a global leader in natural and sustainable ingredients and solutions, Mondelēz International, Partnerships for Forests (P4F) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) ("the partners") have announced they are scaling up efforts to halt deforestation and restore degraded land in Pará, Brazil, helping to bring 48,000[1] hectares of land under sustainable management by 2023.

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Olam’s AtSource Wins 2020 Reuters Responsible Supply Chain Award

AtSource, a revolutionary sustainability insights platform developed by global food and agri-business Olam to provide actionable data for manufacturing and retail customers of the third-party supply chains for products like coffee, cocoa, cashew, cotton, and rice, has just won the 2020 Reuters Responsible Supply Chain Award.

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ofi's Carbon Scenario Planner wins prestigious Food Ingredients Europe Award

ofi’s Carbon Scenario Planner (CSP), a new digital tool developed to help food and beverage manufacturers model the impact of different scenarios for reducing greenhouse gas emissions has won the 2023 Sustainability Innovation Award at Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt. This is the second year in a row that ofi has been awarded this prestigious recognition, following last year’s award for its Cocoa COMPASS sustainability strategy.


The CSP allows ofi to model the outcome of different decarbonization interventions tailored to local contexts, so it can work with its customers to plan and cost out climate actions. It helps ofi's customers tackle the complex and challenging issue of Scope 3 emissions which occur in a company’s value chain and make up the bulk of the food and beverage industry’s carbon footprint.


Dr Christopher Stewart, Global Head of Sustainability at ofi, said: “We're delighted that Food Ingredients Europe has chosen to recognize the progress we’ve made. For our customers, knowing where carbon emissions are coming from in their supply chains is critical to understanding how to reduce them cost-effectively, and meet science-based climate targets. The Carbon Scenario Planner translates ideas into detailed, robustly modelled scenarios that can deliver long-term greenhouse gas reductions.”  


The tool is embedded into ofi’s sustainability management system AtSource, which provides customers with data and insights for use in reporting their environmental, social, and economic impacts. ofi recently used the tool with a global coffee company to whom it supplies Guatemalan coffee beans. It modelled a 32% carbon reduction scenario to help support the customer’s climate commitments, identifying three impactful scenarios: using training for farmers to help them upcycle coffee waste, replacing chemical fertilizer with organic, and providing farmers with semi-mechanized tools to improve yields. 

ofi's Club Coffee wins prestigious Reuters Product Innovation Award

A sustainable packaging solution created by Club Coffee, part of ofi and one of North America’s largest coffee roasters has been recognized as a “creative, appealing, and practical solution to immediate business and societal needs” , at this year’s Reuters Responsible Business Awards.


AromaPak™ featuring Boardio® technology uses recyclable paper-based packaging made from renewable, high-quality tree fiber from sustainably managed forests, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It was developed to address high volumes of packaging waste from coffee.


Singled out as the year’s most innovative product offering at the Awards, which celebrate the latest progress in sustainable business, the judges agreed: “Club Coffee’s technology is an inspiring solution for a phenomenal problem”. It replaces multilayer bags and cans traditionally used to package coffee beans and grounds that tend to contain plastic or metal. Until now, coffee – even products marketed as sustainable or premium – have been packaged in this way, but those cans and bags can present problems for recyclers, and often end up in landfills.


Up to May 2023, the AromaPak™ packaging solution had achieved:

    ● Carbon reduction: 90% less carbon versus large steel cans.

    ● Reduced plastic: a 50% reduction in plastic vs bags and a 43% reduction vs large cans.

    ● Improved emissions footprint: 90% reduction in transport emissions vs traditional cans. AromaPak™ is incredibly light and can be shipped as flat sheets, meaning 8x fewer trailers are required compared to steel cans.


Commenting on the replicability of the solution, the judges were “most inspired by the potential impact this can have across other food categories and sectors.”

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