Dairy is our everyday forte

Made with care and respect, our dairy ingredients satisfy your business needs while helping you create tasty, nutritious and convenient dairy products across many categories.

Bringing dairy’s goodness to the market

Together, our thriving community of farmers, processors and innovators, not to mention the thousands of dairy cows living on our farms, create:

Dairy Ingredients

A wide selection of dairy ingredients, including milk powder, for use in consumer products.

Dairy Fats

An essential ingredient. Greatly improves texture, mouthfeel and consistency.

Dairy Liquids

A dairy milk supplier keeping the food & beverage manufacturing industry flowing.


A versatile ingredient. Cheese adds flavor and texture to almost anything. Just be creative.

Dairy—loved around the world

Working closely with our partners to craft tasty and healthy dairy foods & beverages that satisfy consumers globally.


Baking with dairy

Whether you’re inventing something new or trying to solve a long-standing challenge, our baking specialists and customized solutions can help you realize your vision.


Consistently delicious dairy drinks

Plain or flavored milk, drinkable yogurt, smoothies or shakes - the beverages we help create deliver great taste time after time.


Indulgent taste experiences

Chocolate bars to nougats, fondants to toffees and caramels, our dairy ingredients give these well-loved sweets the creamy mouthfeel they’re known for.

Ice Cream

Making it twice as nice

There’s nothing quite like dairy ice cream. Serve delicious ice creams with the best texture and flavor available thanks to our dairy ingredients.


Celebrating yogurt’s natural goodness

As awareness of its health benefits grows, this wholesome dairy product’s popularity is soaring. Use our ingredients to create set, stirred or drinkable yogurt.


There at every stage of the dairy supply chain

Starting at the farm and travelling all the way to the finished product, there’s no part of the dairy supply chain we don’t know.

Milk Production

Sustainable Dairy Farming

Efficient and high-quality milk production

We have established ourselves as one of Russia’s largest producers of raw milk, consistently delivering a high-quality product.


Value-Added Processing

It all adds up

Our facilities in Malaysia and New Zealand produce high-quality dairy ingredients, creating functionality and value for our customers.

Supply Chain

Effective Supply Chain Network

Milk in motion

We help to keep dairy moving around the world with expertise across the supply chain and on-the-ground capabilities in China, Indonesia, Nigeria and Russia.

Are you ready to try something new?

Our chefs and food scientists are always findings new ways to tantalize consumers’ taste buds. Work with us to discover new ways of using dairy ingredients, appeal to the health-conscious market, or go natural and clean-label.

Our roadmap to create healthier, more sustainable dairy farming.

Everyday, millions of people across the world rely on the vital protein and nutrients provided by milk and other dairy products. But dairy farming can come with its sustainability concerns. That’s why we’ve been taking action for many years, and since 2018 we have made a significant reduction in our carbon footprint per liter of milk produced. However, we know there is still more to do to scale sustainable impact for our people, animals and the planet. 

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ofi details plans for commissioning of New Zealand dairy processing plant

ofi a global leader in natural and sustainable ingredient solutions, today confirmed plans to develop a new dairy processing facility in the North Island town of Tokoroa, New Zealand. 

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