Documenting our sustainability progress

When it comes to sustainability, we hold ourselves accountable, we report on our progress towards our sustainability goals regularly and in detail.

Sustainability sits at the heart of ofi and Olam, our parent company. We report diligently on the progress towards our goals. The Olam Group annual reports are the primary place for these insights. You’ll find them in the Olam Investor Library.


We use the Global Reporting Initiative as a framework for our reporting, and we’ve been committed to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact since 2016. 


Olam Group takes a capitals approach, reporting on topics that are important to our stakeholders and contribute to the value of the company. Those topics are as follows:


ofi Finance for Sustainability Function (F4S)  has also developed the ofi Integrated Impact Statement (IIS), a tool for multi-capital accounting. In 2019, F4S developed the IIS for the cocoa business to support the Cocoa Compass sustainability strategy.


We give customers and partners insight into specific supply chain challenges and set targets to address them. We have now set public sustainability goals and targets across almonds, cashew, cocoa, coffee and hazelnuts and have published our first impact reports for coffee and cocoa.


As well as company annual reporting, we report on other initiatives like CDP (Climate, Water & Forests) and product-specific initiatives such as the Cocoa and Forests Initiative. 

What others say

Here’s a selection of third-party reports assessing our progress towards sustainable supply chains.


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