Joanes cocoa powders range from natural to dark Dutched, and everything in between.

Our Joanes Brazilian cocoa powder has been specially developed for applications in the dairy, ice cream, biscuit, confectionery, chocolate milk and chocolate coating industries.


Joanes also produces an exceptional, no-sodium added cocoa powder to support the manufacture of health-conscious application recipes. Because Joanes cocoa powders are obtained from grinding cocoa cake, they retain their superior color and flavor characteristics.


The color profiles of both our natural and Dutched Joanes cocoa powders extend from light brown to dark and black colors, providing delicious flavors within a 10-12% fat content range. All of our Joanes cocoa powders are also available as cocoa press cake and we also supply cocoa liquors and cocoa butters to customers in South America.

Joanes Cocoa Powders Brochures – English
Joanes Cocoa Powders Brochures – Portuguese
Joanes Cocoa Powders Brochures – Spanish

History of Joanes

Founded by Gill & Duffus in 1946 in Salvador, Joanes has been a trusted cocoa ingredients brand in Brazil for generations.


In 1979 Joanes’ operations were relocated to a new processing facility in the city of Ilhéus, to meet growing market demand and to expand innovation capacity. The facility has been based there ever since.

Added to our portfolio in 2015, Joanes cocoa products deliver consistent and reliable quality to our customers. 

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