Power your snacking ideas with walnuts

Our walnuts are selectively sourced and gently shelled resulting in a taste experience that will have you reaching for more! 
They are also known as a heart healthy snack rich in nutrients and Omega-3s.

Premium hand cracked walnuts

Hand cracked walnuts are considered one of the most premium products in the global walnut snack market, owing to its flawless looks and high halves percentage. By procuring premium quality walnuts from various geographies through our highly efficient supply chain, we are able to maintain unparalleled traceability to farm gate and superior product freshness. We hand crack our walnuts with utmost care and in a tightly controlled food safe environment so that we can deliver the best product our customers.

Walnut is considered as one of the healthiest nuts with qualified health claims to its name provided by the US FDA including:


  • Rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Rich in rare phytonutrients which help reduce risk of certain types of cancer

  • Rich in melatonin which helps in getting regular, healthy sleep

  • Helps reduce heart problems and metabolic syndromes like high triglyceride and inadequate HDL cholesterol 

  • Beneficial for people suffering from type 2 diabetes

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