Sustainability in hazelnuts

Our vision: creating a collaborative trail to sustainable hazelnuts by addressing the most pressing issues facing hazelnut farmers, their communities and migrant workers.

ofi is setting its sustainability targets for 2030 across its supply chain in Turkey, where 70% of the world’s hazelnuts come from. With a focus on eliminating child labor and improving working conditions for thousands of seasonal migrant workers, Hazelnut Trail also offers more transparency for consumers. Starting with safe and decent work, Hazelnut Trail consists of commitments around education, diversity, and climate action. By setting these targets, defining metrics, and reporting on progress through ofi’s sustainability platform AtSource®, we’re offering our customers and partners transparency across the supply chain.

Hazelnut Trail

Hazelnut Trail sets targets across ofi’s hazelnut business from farm to factory – in line with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and ofi’s commitment to deliver naturally good, sustainable ingredients. This starts by building on the human rights progress we’ve made over the last decade with our partners and the commitment to eliminate unsafe working conditions and risks of child labor in our supply chains by 2030.

Towards the Future By 2030

Infographic towards the future with various pictures of farm workers and children

Join Us on our Hazelnut Trail

We are looking for partners to help scale our efforts and positive impact so we can acheive our vision of a safe and resilient hazelnut supply chain.


Three ways to engage:

  • By directly contributing to existing or new initiatives, based on premiums or a one-off payment.
  • As a strategic or implementation partner, to help with volunteering personal time, technical expertise or resources for new and exciting initiatives on the ground.
  • Through AtSource programmes which provide customers with engagement options tailored to individual sustainability ambitions.

Hazelnut Trail Stories

Improving Hazelnut Quality, In A Nutshell

Outside of the harvest period, a typical hazelnut grower in the Black Sea region of Turkey will cultivate small plots of land by themselves, sometimes with the help of family members.

Male farm worker driving a small tractor filled with burlap bags
Providing Safe Spaces For Children During The Hazelnut Harvest

Going to school during the summer holidays wouldn’t be most children’s idea of fun, but for 13 year-old Nurcan Sekiz, it means a safe space to play and not work.


School children following a lesson in classroom setting
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