Soluble Coffee

The soluble coffee market is growing each year as consumers enjoy replicating coffee shop flavors at home. Our end-to-end soluble coffee capability includes two major BRC certified processing facilities strategically located in Spain and Vietnam, offering the full product range.

Product offering 

Our dedicated R&D experts work with customers worldwide to develop tailored, new and high-quality products. 

Frozen extract

Water is applied to extract coffee solids from roasted and granulated beans before evaporating the liquid to a thick, concentrated extract.

Spray dried

Water is evaporated from concentrated coffee extract, which is then sprayed in a drying tower, to achieve particles.


Spray dried particles are bound together using steam and pressure to produce larger granules.

Freeze dried

Coffee extract is frozen at around -40 °C to freeze and thus remove the free water while retaining the aromas and other attributes that are highly valued. 

Processing facilities

We operate two major soluble coffee processing facilities. Café Outspan in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is Southeast Asia’s largest independent soluble coffee facility. The plant has state-of-the-art manufacturing lines for spray dried, freeze dried, granule and frozen coffee extract in bulk.  


In SEDA Outspan in Palencia, Spain we produce and pack coffee. The facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art line with capability to pack soluble products in various private label formats. SEDA is established as the primary partner for major private label brands across Europe.


Our third facility in Brazil is currently under construction and will be operational by Q1, 2023.

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