Olam Farmer Information System (OFIS)

Using data to give farmers better support

We buy produce from roughly 2.56 million smallholder farmers (both directly and via third-parties). Many of these farmers live and work in isolation with no access to the internet. This lack of connectivity means farmers don’t benefit from digital innovation, and we can’t support them effectively or report properly on their progress.


OFIS is a survey tool we built to bridge that gap. Our field teams use OFIS to collect data (such as farm and community infrastructure locations), manage training activities, and track financing, input distribution and purchases precisely.

With a clearer view of what’s happening on the ground, we - and the farmers we work with - can maximize the effectiveness of our efforts. At the same time, the detailed data allows us to plan development programs that are better suited to farmers’ needs. Finally, it means we can report more precisely on sustainability, social justice, and other business indicators.


So far, over 550,000 farmers in more than 30 countries have registered on OFIS. We feed the data from OFIS into AtSource, giving customers a clear and detailed view of their supply chains.

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