In addition to the many health benefits, cheese lends flavor and texture to almost everything. It is such a versatile ingredient that all you need is some creativity and imagination when applying them to food products.

Ingredient Offering


From the English village of Somerset, Cheddar is a ripened, hard, white to light yellow or orange, firm, smooth and waxy texture cheese. With or without rind, this cheese speciality ripens for 6 weeks to 9 months, to develop flavor and body characteristics resulting in young and matured variants.


Mozzarella is an unripened rindless, smooth elastic, whitish cheese. Made traditionally in southern Italy from buffalo's milk by the pasta filata method consisting of heating, kneading, and stretching hot curd until smooth. Suitable for dicing and shredding, it’s used mainly in pizza application.

Edam & Gouda

Edam and Gouda, both Dutch-style cheeses, are ripened semi-hard, firm texture with small round gas holes, generally flat-ended spheres, with coated rind of red paraffin wax. Edam is drier, lighter texture and browns better. Gouda has creamy buttery texture with more fat, making it flow when melted.


Cagliata has a soft and elastic texture, is creamy, yellow to white in color, mild lactic flavor, rindless, semi-finished cheese. it has excellent functionality for further processing to pasta filata and processed cheese.

Processed Cheese

Processed Cheese is made from a combination of cheeses with other dairy ingredients, vegetable oils, salt, color, and emulsifiers. Offering advantages of long shelf-life, more neutral taste, resistance to separation when heated, uniform look, lower cost and suitable for industrial-scale production.

Cheese Analogue

Cheese Analogue or imitation cheese are engineered products made by replacing or supplementing the various dairy ingredients blended with plant-based options, flavors, colors etc. Popular due to no ripening requirements, low-cost, gastronomy and convenience.

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