Olam Direct: connecting farmers to the market

Improving traceability

In remote, rural areas, supply chains can be extremely fragmented. It’s often difficult for farmers to access and do business directly with ofi buyers. Olam Direct changes that by giving farmers an easier route to market so they can earn more and we can improve traceability.

Born from our decades-long work with farmers, Olam Direct is a mobile phone app that hands power back to the people who grow our ingredients. Farmers can offer produce for sale, set prices and get paid, all using their phones. This bypasses third parties, meaning that farmers get a better price, and that the procurement process is fairer and more transparent.

More than 90,000 farmers in 12 countries now trade using Olam Direct. The app also offers access to advice, financing and supplies for those who would struggle to find it otherwise.

Benefits of Olam Direct 


We geotag and timestamp every transaction, improving traceability and our understanding of farmers’ activities.


Olam Direct generates social and economic impact by creating employment opportunities in rural communities. Many former third-party buyers become ‘micro-collectors’ on behalf of ofi, collecting crops from farmers in exchange for a regular income. This also improves both traceability and logistics.


Olam Direct gives farmers access to digital content including weather forecasting, and planting and fertilisation strategies. Plus, ongoing agronomic training to improve the productivity and sustainability of their farming activities. In times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we can use Olam Direct to share health and hygiene guidance.

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Digital Tech Empowers Ghanaian Cashew Farmer

An estimated 5,400 Ghanaian smallholder farmers are receiving better prices on their 3,100 tons of cashew thanks to Olam’s direct purchasing app Olam Direct. The app also benefits customers by providing greater traceability for their purchasing.

Ghanian woman smiling and posing whilst holding cashew plants
A coffee education: Olam partners with TechnoServe to upskill Guatemala’s coffee farmers

4,000 smallholder farmers in the remote growing region of Huehuetenango in Guatemala will benefit from technical training and resources designed to raise coffee quality and livelihoods.

Farmland landscape
Olam wins Impact Award for digital platform that empowers smallholder farmers and improves incomes

Olam has been recognised for making a difference in farmers’ lives through its Olam Direct platform at Innovation Leader’s 2020 Impact Awards.

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