Our pistachios are grown in the United States. They are yellow and green in color with a crunchy texture perfect for snacking, baking, desserts, savory dishes or as an inclusion in yogurt or ice cream.

Pistachios sweet, nutty profile can be your secret ingredient

In the United States, Arizona, New Mexico and California account for 100% of the country’s commercial pistachio production. California is the hub of pistachio production in the US, comprising 99% of the entire production with 312,000 acres planted across 22 counties.


We can customize pistachios to meet your recipes needs, from whole, pieces and pastes, raw, roasted for flavored. From our variety of spice blends, we can meet any request for the perfect pistachio product.


Pistachios are usually consumed as is, with their sweet flavor enticing consumers to choose them as a snack option. Their rich taste makes them versatile enough to be consumed in more ways than just as a nut.

Salad Topping

Pistachios are a great option as an ingredient in salads. In either whole or chopped form, they are sprinkled over lettuce and other vegetables in a salad. They are also used as a salad dressing in their pureed form.


Many restaurants and food enthusiasts use pistachios as a base for a sauce or dip.


Pistachios can be enjoyed raw or dry roasted. Salt can be added to the roasted pistachios, as well as other flavored coatings.


Pistachios can be added to milk and fruits, such as bananas, to make a creamy delightful smoothie. 


Pistachios are a common flavor in ice creams, cakes, and pastries. The nuts are either sprinkled on top or mixed with the ingredients to make the dessert.

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