Vertically integrated from seed to shelf, with growing operations in the United States and sourcing from China, we are the world’s expert in dried garlic.

Ingredient Offering

From sauces and dressings to bakery and snacks, our comprehensive range of fractions and treatments make our dried garlic ingredients the perfect addition to any application.


Perfect for when you’re looking to include a fresh garlic taste without adding texture or piece identity to coatings, broths, or as a topical flavoring for snack foods.


Dried and ground to the consistency of table salt. Our granulated garlic is great for building fresh garlic flavor in applications like dressings, marinades and sauces.


Our dried, minced garlic works well in savory applications such as dressings, marinades and condiments or when you want to substitute smashed or minced fresh garlic.


Great for any application that calls for noticeable piece identity. Our dried, chopped garlic rehydrates quickly in rich broths, savory soups and stews as well as vegetable dishes.


We offer the option to roast our dried garlic products for applications that require a more savory flavor profile.

Creating the Gold Standard of Garlic

Grown in the US by local farmers — this is garlic you can trust, managed by our experts from seed to factory, so you can always count on unrivaled food safety and total traceability.


Watch the entire process to see how we produce the safest, most flavorful and sustainably produced garlic in the world.

Tour our plant in Jinxiang, China

High-quality raw garlic is secured by our team and brought directly to our new, state-of-the-art processing facility in the Shandong Province of China. Our vertically integrated plant manages the complete supply chain, from washing, sorting, gentle air-drying and milling. Our on-site quality control lab performs routine microbiological, chemical, physical and allergen testing, ensuring product safety and quality at every point.

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