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We love bringing new concepts and fresh ideas to life. Explore our portfolio where we can offer ingredients that are good for consumers and good for farmers. From bars to beverages, we bring expertise across cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts and spices.  

Chocolate bars
Chocolate bars

Chocolate bar. Two words that make mouths water. How can you unleash the potential of this classic treat? Use our vast experience on the farm and in the food lab. Low-sugar, plant-based, sustainable and traceable. With our cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa liquor and cocoa beans, you can deliver what today’s consumers expect.

Compound coatings
Compound coatings and enrobing

Chocolate all over. The right compound coating can transform a good product into an irresistible one. Together, we select the cocoa powders and confectionery fats you need, optimized for your specific recipe. Let our ingredients support your development of the most delicious and stable products possible.

Fillings, pralines & inclusions
Fillings, pralines & inclusions

There's nothing quite like biting into a treat with a perfectly smooth and satisfying filling, praline or inclusion. We help you select the right cocoa powder, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and nut pieces or pastes to surprise and delight your customers. Then we support you turning it into fillings for bars and tablets that fly off the shelves.

Sweet spreads
Sweet spreads

Sweet spreads are exploding in popularity. Think beyond just toast – add a spoon and now it's a snack. Capture a slice of this exciting market by partnering with us to create flavorsome, satisfying recipes. Why not pair some of our delicious nuts with our premium cocoa ingredients?

The success of your chocolate and confectionery products depends on the quality of the cocoa ingredients and nuts. From unlocking healthy indulgence to creating a sustainable impact, learn how ofi and our ingredients can make your next chocolate and confectionery innovation real. 

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Sensory satisfaction, premiumization or plant-based ingredients: what is your next challenge? Our ingredients portfolio offers near endless natural, nutritious and delicious possibilities for new product development across categories. Learn more about some of our latest chocolate and confectionery application innovations. 

Hazelnut spread

A growing appetite for sweet spreads plus the ever-expanding plant-based market equals a huge opportunity for confectionery brands. That’s why we created a concept for a plant-based chocolate hazelnut spread that replaces milk powders with high roasted hazelnut flours. A creamy, rich hazelnut taste without the dairy.

Plant-based chocolate bar

What could possibly be better than a vegan chocolate bar made with our rich cocoa powder and filled with our macadamias, pistachios or hazelnuts? Rich, crunchy and sweet. Use cashew and almond defatted flour as a replacement for milk-based ingredients in great tasting chocolate mass.

Moonlight bonbon

Truffles have never been so eye-catching. With our extra white cocoa butter, color contrasts can be taken to new vivid heights. The perfect visual match for rich and indulgent fillings like hazelnut praline, dulce de leche and coffee, or caramel, lemon and ginger. 

Dark Ghana chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts

Different origins offer signature sensory profiles. Our concept for a premium dark Ghana 65% cocoa chocolate bar oozes indulgence with its thick tablet and fruity flavor profile unique to Ghanaian origin cocoa. It also leans on the potential of single-origin cocoa for giving consumers greater choice and traceability.


Our approach to sustainability is guided by our Purpose ‘To be the​ change for good food and a healthy future’. It is rooted in our belief that healthy, natural food is possible when people working in the food systems prosper and contribute to the restoration of the living world.


As the ones on the ground, in the heart of farming communities, we are well positioned to drive positive environmental and social change in communities and landscapes. And to accelerate and deliver change at scale, we are part of many multi-stakeholder partnerships. When we combine this impact with the application innovations of our chefs, we can offer sustainable choices to our customers and together, help feed the growing appetite for naturally good food.​

Cocoa Compass

Cocoa Compass

We've set concrete goals to work together with customers and partners to tackle the key issues facing the cocoa supply chain by 2030, with milestones for action in 2020 and 2024. Our progress is tracked, and the results are transparently published in our annual Cocoa Compass reports. 

Coffee LENS

Coffee LENS

We've set challenging goals to tackle the key issues facing the coffee supply chain by 2025, enabled through structured collaboration with partners. We have achieved a number of 2021 milestones, all of which contribute to our longer-term goals.

Almond Trail

Almond Trail

Believe it or “nut,” almonds can only grow in a handful of places with ideal growing conditions. We address sustainability challenges facing the supply chain by setting out targets for water stewardship, carbon reduction and support for ecosystems. 

Cashew Trail

Cashew Trail

Each nut story starts with hard-working farmers and processing workers. Cashew Trail sets 2030 targets to tackle poverty and create economic opportunity. Let's improve the livelihoods of people in the cashew communities and grow farmer yields.

Hazelnut Trail

Hazelnut Trail

Our vision: creating a collaborative trail to sustainable hazelnuts by addressing the most pressing issues facing hazelnut farmers, their communities and migrant workers. Our goals build on the progress we’ve made over the last decade with our partners.

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Articles Jul 7, 2024
Showcasing Climate Resilience this World Chocolate Day

Author | Andrew Brooks | Head of Sustainability, Cocoa, ofi


World Chocolate Day, a day to not only indulge, but to remember the people and landscapes that grow the cocoa that goes into our favorite products. Both are vital to help maintain a sustainable future for cocoa production. That’s why as part of our Cocoa Compass sustainability ambition, we collaborate with our customers and partners on multi-stakeholder partnerships to drive collective action and lasting impact.


Climate change is among the biggest challenges in growing cocoa. In Indonesia, for example, intensive rainfall, drought, rising temperatures, and an increase in related pests, threatens farmer yields and erodes their livelihoods, including those of women and indigenous groups that depend on their crops for subsistence. Yet many farmers struggle to access the support they need to adapt and become more resilient.


A climate-smart agroforestry system is key to addressing and mitigating climate change risks, which is why we co-created the Landscape Approach to Sustainable and Climate Change Resilient Cocoa and Coffee (LASCARCOCO), a three-year partnership with USAID, non-profit Rikolto, the Hershey Company, and the Indonesian Government, to help 6,500 farmers increase yields by 25% and conserve 14,000 hectares by late 2025.


Through the partnership, we have developed a new curriculum to train farmers in Good Agricultural Practices and climate adaption, promoted sustainable agroforestry – where forest and shade trees are planted alongside cocoa and coffee to restore forest covers – and provided farmers with seedlings. It’s already making a difference – in year one of the project, approximately 8,600 individuals were reached directly or indirectly via the program. The LASCARCOCO USAID ofi project has successfully bridged a constructed collaborative action with stakeholders involved in the project such as farmers, forest communities, government, and forest authorities to deliver an agroforestry program.


Good landscape governance is also critical to protect the land and the incomes of the farmers who work it. In Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire, we’re working with the Rainforest Alliance and USAID on the Resilient Ecosystems and Sustainable Transformation of Rural Economies (RESTORE) project. This not only promotes regenerative and sustainable cocoa production; it also aims to strengthen Landscape Management Boards (LMBs).


These boards are important because they bring key stakeholders together – community members, local farmers, the Ghanaian Forestry Commission, and COCOBOD – and give the local community a say in how the land is managed. We provide ongoing support and training to LMB members on everything from management and financial literacy to climate-smart farming and forest-friendly enterprises such as beekeeping and piggery.


Whilst we’re proud of the impact we have made so far, there is still much more to do. We remain focused on working with customers, civil society, national governments, and other stakeholders to support farmers and to protect landscapes across origins – so when consumers pick up their chocolate bar or cocoa-flavored treat, they can be confident that it’s been produced in a way that supports people and helps protect the planet.

Articles Jun 20, 2024
Protecting children through accessible education

Author | Billie Elmqvist Thurén | Human Rights ofi Sustainability & Cocoa Lead


Accessible education is an effective way to reduce the risk of the incidence of child labor as well as providing a foundation for protecting children’s rights. Through our Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation System (CLMRS), we monitor and identify the specific needs of communities across our nine global sustainable sourcing regions.


From providing access to schools closer to home to initiatives that empower cocoa households to be more economically resilient, here are a few ways we are removing barriers for children in our cocoa supply chain to attend school and develop their future potential.

Press Release Jun 18, 2024
Choices for Change: ofi announces new 2030 targets and action plans for resilient ingredient supply chains


  • New 2030 social and environmental targets set for ofi’s global operations which span ~50 countries, building on the existing product-specific strategies for cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices.
  • Strong focus on supply chain excellence to enhance supplier engagement, mitigate supply chain risks, and give customers more rigorous, verifiable data for sustainability decision-making and reporting.
  • Impact will be achieved in partnership with farmers, governments, civil society and ofi’s customers, backed by clear action plans and methodologies outlined by ofi.


ofi, a leading supplier of naturally good food and beverage ingredients, today unveiled a new sustainability strategy – ‘Choices for Change’ and ambitious 2030 targets.


Global food brands and retailers are facing growing consumer demand for sustainable products, with increasing weather related and other challenges in the food supply chain and significant new sustainability linked legislation coming up. With ‘Choices for Change’, ofi will provide these companies and their consumers with specific choices to deliver long-term impact across four critical pillars: Prosperous Farmers, Thriving Communities, Climate Action, and Regenerating the Living World.


Every 2030 target in the Choices for Change strategy delivers on key customer needs, including:

  • Delivering enhanced livelihood support to one million farmers, helping them to be more productive and deliver better quality ingredients.
  • Cutting scope 3 emissions by 30% to offer customers verifiable, low-carbon products and ingredients and contribute to net-zero commitments.
  • Bringing 2 million hectares of land under regenerative farming practices to create long-term farm resilience and products with verified positive natural impact.


To give customers more rigorous, verifiable data for sustainability decision-making and reporting, the strategy incorporates a focus on supply chain excellence. This brings traceability, data insights, risk mitigation, verification, and in-depth supplier engagement together to enable the right choices and includes ofi’s suite of award-winning tech tools like AtSource - the sustainability management system and its built in Carbon Scenario Planner for planning and costing climate action.

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