Spice Blends

Come with ofi on a bold flavor adventure, to experience the world’s most exciting cuisines through our new collections of vibrant spice blends.

Ingredient Offering

We chose exceptional ingredients from selected destinations and distilled them into perfectly balanced representations of celebrated cuisines. Our industry leading chefs use their comprehensive knowledge of these cuisines' culinary customs, cooking techniques and native ingredients, to center local flavors at the heart of every blend.


Created as tributes to some of our favorite dishes, our new spice collections launch with 17 blends inspired by the cuisines of Modern Mexico, the Caribbean and the Southwestern US. Ripe for experimentation and bursting with potential, possible applications start with snack coatings and cooking sauces, meat rubs, and marinades and dips.


Explore our range of spice blends.

Modern Mexico

Our Modern Mexico collection goes beyond the expected expressions of Mexican cuisines to reflect the varied and evolving flavors from the many regional cuisines across the country. 


Much more than Tex Mex, our Southwest blends reflect the different regional flavors across Texas, Arizona and New Mexico and how their cuisine is influenced by their passion for their home grown chiles!


Capture the essence of island life with our Caribbean spice blends collection. Reflecting the influence of their cultural traditions, each island nation has its own unique cuisine expression that embodies the spirit and energy of Caribbean culture. Explore the flavors of the Caribbean with our island spice blends.

Our promise

Our spice blends have been crafted with respect for the cuisines and cultures that have inspired them. Our purpose is to dig deeper into cuisines, to showcase the diverse flavors and authentic ingredients of the regions, and honor the passion of the people who grow them.  Olam's unique relationships with our partner growers mean we provide unrivaled access to some of the world's most celebrated spice ingredients grown in their true origins.

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Olam Food Ingredients accelerates its growth strategy with a transformative US acquisition

Olam Food Ingredients (“ofi”) is acquiring a leading US private label spices and seasonings manufacturer Olde Thompson at an EV of US$950 million through its wholly owned subsidiary Olam Holdings Inc.

Olam Food Ingredients heats up Spices portfolio with US$108.5 million acquisition of a leading US chile pepper business

Olam Food Ingredients (“ofi”), the new operating group created after the reorganization within Olam International Limited (“OIL”) earlier this year, is expanding its Spices portfolio (“Olam Spices”) to meet the rising demand for bold, authentic flavors with the acquisition of one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium green chiles, jalapeños and enchilada sauces.

New spice blends give manufacturers flavor for sensory experiences inspired by regional cuisines of the Americas

Olam Food Ingredients (“OFI”)1, a global leader in natural and sustainable ingredients and solutions, today launches the first collection in its new spice blends range – ‘Blends of the Americas’. The 17 ready-to-use dry blends give food manufacturers, foodservice companies, and retailers a simple, clean-label solution for creating consistent and authentic flavors inspired by some of the continent’s popular cuisines – those of modern Mexico, the Caribbean and the US Southwest.

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