Did you know peanuts are one of the most economical sources of protein? They also require a limited amount of water for production in comparison to other nuts – a nutritious, environmentally friendly and cost-conscious ingredient or snack!

We are a proud supplier of USA peanuts and peanut products

We are present in both the shelling and custom processing segment of the USA peanut industry - one of the world’s major peanut producing and exporting origins. Our operations are supported by a network of marketing offices in Rotterdam, Singapore, and Qingdao.


We are focused on developing and maintaining positive working relationships with growers across the Southeast Growing Region.


We have an expansive buying network that helps us to market our high-quality seed peanuts to growers and to procure the farmerstock from growers required for the business. We actively participate in all industry associations that support the research and promotion to benefit all segments of the industry as well as the consuming public. 


All our processing locations are FDA-registered, FSMA compliant, and BRC-certified.


We have 3 shelling plants in the USA, which are all strategically located in the Southeast Growing Region where the majority of USA peanuts are grown.


Olam Edible Nuts is a Custom Peanut Processor. We specialise in Toll Processing, which includes Pre-Cleaning, Remilling, and Blanching. We are also experts in producing Peanut Ingredients, such as Dry Roasted Peanuts, Dry Roasted Peanut Granules, and Peanut Paste/Butter/Variegate. We have 4 processing plants in the USA, which are strategically located across the Southeast Growing Region, the Virginia-Carolina Growing Region, and the Southwest Growing Region. 

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