Enhancing traditional cocoa flavors through advanced technology.

Renowned for their attribute stability, flavor consistency and ability to satisfy precise customer requirements, at our advanced cocoa cake milling facility in Valencia, Spain we craft cocoa powders that provide unparalleled reliability. Utilizing the best cocoa cakes from origin, we skilfully blend them to achieve our desired product profiles. The result of this process is our value-driven portfolio of dependable, high-specification, natural and alkalized cocoa powders.


Cocoa powders in our Macao portfolio are available with 10-12% fat content and our Product Development and Innovation team also provide support for customized cocoa powders, as our modern processing line is flexible enough to meet exacting specifications.

History of Macao

Starting in 1994 in Valencia, Spain, Macao Commodity Trading (MCT) has grown to become a leading supplier of cocoa powder to the chocolate, beverage and biscuit industries. In 2005, we created a joint venture as Solimar Food Ingredients. The partnership provided us with access to a modern, cocoa milling facility and MCT was able to tap into our global cocoa bean sourcing network.


In 2011, we acquired a majority MCT shareholding and the Macao brand is now an integral part of ofi operations. With a wealth of technical experience, a state-of-the-art laboratory and warehousing facilities, the Macao brand is recognised globally for the superior value, best-in-class quality, consistency and flavor profiles of its cocoa powders.

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Our progress towards tackling deforestation in cocoa

Forests are vital to sustainable cocoa production. Not only do they help to improve biodiversity and mitigate against climate change, they also help to improve cocoa yields and raise farmer incomes. By improving tree cover, cocoa farmers can increase the yields and life expectancy of their cocoa trees and generate additional income from more diverse crops.

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