Cocoa beans

Sourcing more than 1M tonnes of cocoa beans annually from every major cocoa growing region across the globe, we are leaders when it comes not only to quantity but also quality.  From Ecuador to Cote d'Ivoire to Papua New Guinea, we offer superior cocoa beans at scale, ranging from high quality West African bulk shipments to small lot, fine flavor cocoa beans. 

Specialty Cacao beans 

We are passionate about cacao. Where it's grown, how it’s grown and who's growing it. We invest in building partnerships with farmers in both established and undiscovered terroirs of the cocoa belt, the narrow zone that lies between 20°N and 20°S of the Equator. These degrees of latitude, where we source uniquely flavored cacao, are also the inspiration for our name.


Using cutting edge technology we are able to provide total transparency of supply chain ensuring we can create mutual benefit for growers and customers alike. The dedication and expertize of our local teams enables us to bring the most interesting and flavorful cacao stories to life.

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UN World Day Against Child Labour 2021: Putting children first in cocoa

This week, the world’s attention turns to a heavy burden that can damage a child’s health and education: child labour.  In OFI’s cocoa business, we are focused on solving this problem every day.

Our progress towards tackling deforestation in cocoa

Forests are vital to sustainable cocoa production. Not only do they help to improve biodiversity and mitigate against climate change, they also help to improve cocoa yields and raise farmer incomes. By improving tree cover, cocoa farmers can increase the yields and life expectancy of their cocoa trees and generate additional income from more diverse crops.

Mondelēz International and Olam Food Ingredients Announce Partnership in Asia to Create World’s Largest Sustainable Commercial Cocoa Farm

Leading chocolate maker and largest cocoa supplier aim to strengthen sustainable cocoa sourcing in Indonesia

2,000-hectare cocoa farming model of the future to restore environmental productivity, improve farmer livelihoods and empower local communities

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