Sustainability in cashews

Our vision is to scale positive impact in cashew supply chains through partnerships to help tackle the most pressing issues facing cashew farmers and their communities.

ofi is setting its 2030 targets to scale up positive change in cashew by innovating its approach to sustainability – providing customers with a pathway to drive tangible change in farming communities. This innovation is both practical, like using data to deliver training tailored to individual farmers, and disruptive, like Olam Direct, which reaches farmers further afield, giving them access to the latest market prices, and the ability to negotiate directly rather than through traditional buying agents, thereby retaining more value for their crop.

Cashew Trail

Cashew Trail sets 2030 targets across ofi’s cashew business, from farm to factory – in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and ofi’s commitment to deliver naturally good, sustainable ingredients. These include an ambitious goal to fight poverty and create economic opportunity by improving the livelihoods of people living in cashew communities and growing farmer yields.

Towards the Future - 2030 Goals

Infographic of ofi's towards the future 2030 goals

Join Us on Our Cashew Trail

We are looking for partners to help scale our efforts and positive impact so we can achieve our vision of a fair and resilient cashew supply chain.


Three ways to engage:

  • By directly contributing to new or existing initiatives, based on premiums or a one-off payment

  • Through an AtSource program which provides customers with engagement options tailored to individual sustainability ambitions

  • As a strategic partner to support with technical expertise and resources for new and existing initiatives on the ground

Cashew Trail Stories

Digitising cashew chains to empower farmers

The Olam Direct platform enabled 7,000 farmers to access the latest market prices and negotiate directly with us rather than traditional buying agents.

Allowing children to pursue education

ofi's scholarship programme in Vietnam funds education for children of cashew workers at our processing facilities.

Harnessing solarpower for processing

100% of the energy consumed at the Tien Nga processing facility, is generated from 2 MW solar panels  on the rooftops.

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Better With Bees: Making More Cash From Cashew

Beekeeping has an important role in generating and expanding the income of small-scale cashew farmers. Hives are placed in the orchards in return for bee pollination services, not only boosting cashew nut yields, but the farmer’s income also benefits from the sale of honey and wax.

Group photo of a group of men wearing protective bee suits
Digital Tech Empowers Ghanaian Cashew Farmer

An estimated 5,400 Ghanaian smallholder farmers are receiving better prices on their 3,100 tons of cashew thanks to Olam’s direct purchasing app Olam Direct. The app also benefits customers by providing greater traceability for their purchasing.

Female cashew farmer holding up cashew pods in the hands
Creating a Buzz for Cashew Farmers

With only two harvests a year, the off-season is a typically lean period for the 5,000 Ghanaian households who depend on cashew as their sole means of income.

Female cashew farmer wearing a bee suit in west Africa
How local cashew processing can be a catalyst for sustainable growth

By Arouna Coulibaly, Managing Director Côte d’Ivoire, ofi (olam food ingredients)


Snack bars, spreads, nut-milks, cookies, and other sweet treats; cashew is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient across applications from bakery to beverages, feeding demand for healthier snacking options and plant-based proteins.

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