Tropical Spices

Add adventurous flavor and stunning color to your applications with our wide array of tropical spices. With boots on the ground in all key producing origins, we can provide supply security to reduce risk and increase reliability.


Turmeric has been heavily embraced by the wellness community, where it is used as an ingredient in beverages and protein bars. It offers an earthy flavor that works well in spice mixtures of Indian or Malaysian origin. Our turmeric is cultivated by our growers, in partnership with our crop supervisors and processed at our factory in Kochi, India by our team of manufacturing experts.


Often used in Indian, Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisines, cumin provides a savory, pungent flavor that is essential to curries and tacos. Our cumin seeds come from the flowers of plants that belong to the parsley family, that are grown in India. Our manufacturing experts clean, dry, grind and pack the spice at our processing facility in Kochi, India. 


Grown and processed in India, this subtle, earthy seed spice works well in Indian, Latin American and Middle Eastern cuisines. Dried coriander has a mild, versatile flavor, making it the perfect ingredient in rubs for chicken and lamb or in spicy chilis, savory soups and hearty stews. It can also offer a spicy, woody kick in stir-fry or salad dressings. 


Fennel adds a fresh, strong licorice flavor with a sweetness that complements a number of applications including baked goods and savory dishes. Grown and processed in India, this spice works well in Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Scandinavian cuisines.


Also called “cassia,” this spice is the backbone of sweet baked goods and an essential accent to savory dishes and beverages. We secure our cinnamon from the inner bark of trees grown in Vietnam and Indonesia, then process the bark at our facility in Vietnam.


Ginger offers a bright citrus flavor with a gentle heat, making it a great addition to desserts, baked goods and beverage preparations, such as health drinks, as well as a variety of ethnic cuisines. We source our ginger from Nigeria and then we process the root into a powder at our manufacturing facility in Vietnam, where it is packed and shipped to our customers worldwide.


Grown in Indonesia on an evergreen tree and processed in Vietnam, our nutmeg rounds out the flavor of desserts and savory dishes. With warm and bitter flavor notes, this spice works well in Dutch, Italian and Caribbean cuisines.

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Blog Jan 30, 2023

Hot Cocoa: 4 chocolate and confectionery trends shaping 2023

Back in 2021, our cocoa innovation team predicted the trends that would take center stage in 2022. From consumers favoring environmentally focused brands, to the growth of premium products, functional ingredients, and a desire for exotic flavors - there was plenty to get excited about!


But what will these trends look like in 2023?

We're experiencing a world in flux. Costs are rising for both consumers and food and drink businesses, due to continued supply chain challenges and economic uncertainty. So, let’s dive into how these will impact the chocolate and confectionery trends that play out this year.

News Aug 17, 2022

How can companies implement effective workforce nutrition programs? 

By Clara Tessler, Nutrition & Health Manager, ofi


Malnutrition and poor health around the world continue to negatively impact businesses as result of working days lost to illness and reduced workforce productivity.


As well as benefiting employees, investments by companies in health and wellbeing can lead to better employee engagement, reduced absenteeism and higher performance and productivity.


We want to create an environment where employees want to come to work every day – it’s in everyone’s best interest.


To that end, at ofi we’ve set a goal that by 2030, everyone in our primary workforce will have access to nutrition support. This is the goal we are working towards to ensure the health and wellbeing of all our employees, driven by our purpose to be the change for good food and healthy future.


In 2021, with support from the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), ofi began the roll-out of the Workforce Nutrition Alliance’s Workforce Nutrition Scorecard to assess our baseline and develop or strengthen workplace nutrition programs that tackle issues related to malnutrition across our worksites globally. This includes initiatives across four pillars: healthy food at work, nutrition education, nutrition-focused and breastfeeding support, and resources for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.


Discover more from my discussion with GAIN and the Consumer Goods Forum in the Healthier Lives podcast:

Press Release Dec 13, 2022

ofi Vietnam conferred prestigious UN WEPs Award; leads the way in building an inclusive and equal workplace

olam food ingredients (ofi), a global leader in naturally good food & beverage ingredients, is pleased to announce that it has emerged as a national winner in the 2022 United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (UN WEPs) Award for Vietnam under the Leadership Commitment category.


The Leadership Commitment award recognises ofi Vietnam’s commitments towards progressive policies, regulations and practices aimed at promoting gender equality in the workplace and with supply chain partners. This prestigious accolade follows a first runner-up national win at the 2021 UN WEPs Award under the Gender Inclusive Workplace category.


The UN WEPs Award represents recognition of exemplary company efforts for gender equality aligned to the Women’s Empowerment Principles. The WEPs are seven guiding principles providing a roadmap for a more equal, inclusive and sustainable future.

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