Delivering a sustainable, quality cup of coffee

As one of the leading green coffee origin exporters in the world, with year-round presence in origin, we serve sustainable and traceable coffee that supports producers and delights coffee lovers around the world, every day.

A well-rounded offer

From a rich Brazilian robusta to a floral Zambian arabica; we cater to the tastes and formats of specialty roasters to private label.  

Green coffee

Arabica and robusta from 18 different origins.

Soluble coffee

Practical, versatile and available in four formats with bulk or private label packaging. 

Our team of more than 20 nationalities really does wake up and smell the coffee each day. Thanks to our local presence, we offer a vast selection of traceable green coffees sourced from certified estates and network of farmers across AfricaAsia and Central and South America. Over 90% of our volumes are processed in our own mills meaning we can supply the quality and volumes customers need, while for specialty buyers, the discerning palates of our Q-graded cuppers and procurement teams help locate exceptional coffees from 30 different origins.

Grow a better future with AtSource

By working with ofi, coffee customers get access to AtSource, the award-winning sustainability insights platform powered by Olam. Packed with verified data, it connects them directly to the source of supply at each stage of the coffee’s journey, guaranteeing traceability. 

Livelihoods, Education and Nature at Scale

Coffee LENS is our sustainability ambition for the future of coffee. It is the first stage of a roadmap to increase the impact of what we are already doing to build a more resilient coffee supply chain, enabled through structured collaboration with partners.

The story behind our cup of coffee

The story behind our products is becoming more and more important to consumers. That’s why we are working hard to ensure our coffee not only excels in taste and quality but also in sustainable sourcing. Watch the video on how ofi is committed to ensure the products we supply have a positive impact on farmers across the world.

Read ofi news

Global Coffee Platform recognises two tiers of Olam’s AtSource programme as sustainability schemes

In a move by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) to advance transparency and sustainability in the coffee value chain, two tiers of Olam International’s sustainability insights platform AtSource – AtSource Entry Verified1 and AtSource Plus - have been added as new sustainable sourcing schemes to the GCP Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases programme2.

A ‘Landscale’ Approach to Powering Coffee Sustainability in Mexico

Olam Coffee, part of Olam Food Ingredients, is working with the Rainforest Alliance in Mexico as part of the Alliance for Sustainable Landscapes and Markets, funded by USAID, to conserve biodiversity and provide sustainable farmer livelihoods in the biological corridor of the “La Frailescana” region of Chiapas.

Olam Coffee develops novel superfruit products from upcycled coffee cherry cascara

Olam Coffee, part of Olam Food Ingredients (ofi), has developed a range of coffee cherry cascara products as a key ingredient for beverage infusions and concentrates across multiple applications, from ice teas to nutrition bars, to meet the growing trend for healthy indulgence.

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