Sustainability in cocoa

Cocoa Compass is our ambition to make the future of cocoa more sustainable.


Delve into the details and read stories from the farmers and communities we work with in our Cocoa Compass Impact Report for 2020/21, or read our ‘at a glance’ for the highlights.

Building on two decades, of supporting farmers and cocoa growing communities around the world, we launched Cocoa Compass in October 2019. It sets challenging goals to tackle the key issues facing the cocoa supply chain by 2030, with milestones for action in 2020 and 2024.

In 2020, we achieved important milestones which mean we have 100% traceability and 100% deforestation monitoring in the direct supply chain, and child labor monitoring in our managed sustainability programs. All of which are essential for reaching our longer-term goals. Our latest sustainability report explains how we’re continuing to make progress towards those goals in collaboration with customers and partners, you can delve into the details and read stories from the farmers and communities we work with by downloading our Cocoa Compass Sustainability Report for 2020/21.


Read our previous cocoa compass reports here.

We’re working to eliminate child labor from our cocoa supply chain and make sure all children of cocoa farmers in our supply chain have access to education by 2030. Find out how.


Sustainable Cocoa Suppliers 2022

Transparency and traceability are at the heart of our Cocoa Compass ambition. That’s why we have published the details of our direct, sustainable supplier network.

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