Coffee LENS - Livelihoods, Education and Nature at Scale

Launched in 2020, Coffee LENS is our sustainability ambition for the future of coffee. It sets challenging goals to tackle the key issues facing the coffee supply chain by 2025, enabled through structured collaboration with partners. We have achieved a number of 2021 milestones, all of which contribute to our longer-term goals.

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We’re looking for dynamic alliances to help scale our efforts and deliver even greater impact. There are three ways to engage:


  1. By directly contributing to existing or new initiatives, based on premiums or upfront payments. 
  2. Through AtSource: this provides customers with engagement options tailored to individual sustainability ambitions, with clear structures and accountabilities, and a predetermined monitoring and evaluation mechanism. 
  3. As a strategic partner, to support with technical expertise and resources for new and existing activities on the ground.

Coffee LENS stories

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A ‘Landscale’ Approach to Powering Coffee Sustainability in Mexico

Olam Coffee, part of Olam Food Ingredients, is working with the Rainforest Alliance in Mexico as part of the Alliance for Sustainable Landscapes and Markets, funded by USAID, to conserve biodiversity and provide sustainable farmer livelihoods in the biological corridor of the “La Frailescana” region of Chiapas.

Two men in a green forest

Olam Coffee develops novel superfruit products from upcycled coffee cherry cascara

Olam Coffee, part of olam food ingredients (ofi), has developed a range of coffee cherry cascara products as a key ingredient for beverage infusions and concentrates across multiple applications, from ice teas to nutrition bars, to meet the growing trend for healthy indulgence.

Wet cascara on a conveyer belt
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