Cocoa powder

Our cocoa powders vary in taste from fruity natural to bitter, and in color from vibrant red to dark brown and black. This allows you to create highly differentiated end products that meet the needs of both individual customers and vast market segments.

Ingredients offering

We are proud to produce one of the widest and most diverse ranges of cocoa powder. The exciting variety of cocoa powders we craft comprises the complete range of fat contents, taste and color intensities and natural and alkalised (Dutched) pH options.


Our expertise in Dutching (alkalization) allows us to finetune the taste and color of cocoa powders to exacting standards for every type of recipe.


Produced without alkalization, our natural cocoa powders are optimal alternatives for clean label requirements.


For recipes requiring fat reduction, our defatted cocoa powders support specific nutritional profile needs without compromising on taste or color.

High Fat

Cocoa powders with 22-24% fat content provide superior taste and color impact in recipes ranging from biscuits and bakery to ice cream and beverage.

No Added Sodium

Swapping sodium for potassium in the Dutching process allows us to create cocoa powders that support dietary sodium reduction goals, particular in bakery applications.

Single Origin

From Ghana to Indonesia, our single origin cocoa powders give recipes unique, country-specific taste profiles.


Kitchen professionals and artisan producers now have access to a focused range of our premium deZaan cocoa ingredients in smaller pack formats.

Our promise

We always seek to find new ways to meet our customers’ needs, while never compromising on high-quality and consistency. Today, we are proud to be the partner of choice for chocolate confectionery manufacturers and kitchen professionals around the world.


Bringing precision and passion to every part of the cocoa process, we select only the finest cocoa beans, harness proprietary processing techniques and utilize our long-held knowledge to offer a complete set of cocoa ingredients to our customers.

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Our progress towards tackling deforestation in cocoa

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