Customized dairy solutions with fat filled milk powder

As a distinguished fat filled milk powder supplier, we take pride in offering customized solutions that ensure a perfect balance of taste and texture. Through collaboration, we bring your creative concepts to life.

Fat filled milk powder

Fat filled milk powder is a dairy product that contains skimmed milk powder enriched with vegetable fat. Fat filled milk powder is nutritious, with a desirable texture and flavor. It can be used in many applications from ice cream and yogurts, bakery goods and confectionary items, through to coffee, tea and cocoa beverages. Whatever your needs, we help you get the most from your dairy ingredients so you can delight your consumers.

How is it made?

The production of our quality fat filled milk powder involves several steps. First, high-quality skimmed milk powder is obtained by removing most of the moisture and milk fat from fresh milk. Then, carefully selected vegetable fats are added to the skimmed milk powder along with other minor ingredients. The mixture is thoroughly blended to ensure the fats are evenly distributed throughout the wet mix prior to spray-drying. The final product is then packaged to preserve its freshness and quality.

What are the benefits?

Cost-Effective – Fat filled milk powder offers a more affordable alternative to whole milk powder without compromising on taste or nutritional value. Its cost-effectiveness makes it a preferred choice for many food manufacturing applications.


Extended Shelf Life – The addition of vegetable fat to the milk powder enhances its stability and extends its shelf life. This feature is particularly favorable for food manufacturers, as it allows for easier storage and distribution.


Versatile Applications – Fat filled milk powder can be applied in a wide range of food products. It can be used as an ingredient in ice cream and yogurt, bakery goods, beverages, culinary sauces, snacks and more.


Nutritional Value – Our fat filled milk powder has been fortified with vitamins A, D3, and E to enhance its nutritional value. It is also a good source of essential minerals, and proteins, offering a convenient way for consumers to incorporate dairy goodness into their diet.

Let’s work together!

At ofi we work closely with you to craft tasty and healthy ingredients and take pride in our high-quality fat filled milk powder offering. A tailor made, application specific, complete dairy solution that meets your needs.


Our commitment to quality ensures you receive a product that is consistent in taste, texture, and nutritional value.


We are here to help you explore the versatility of fat filled milk powder in your products and find new ways to delight your consumer’s tastebuds.


Ensuring ethical, socially responsible and sustainable sourcing practices, is vital to our mission of creating positive change and fostering a healthy future.


Discover the convenience and flavor of fat filled milk powder and unlock new culinary possibilities!

The only limit is your imagination

Everyone says they innovate. We really do. Discover our latest products and find out how we as fat filled milk powder supplier can help you expand or improve your range.

You couldn’t ask for more

Fat filled milk powder has so many uses. You’d be hard pressed to find one we don’t know about. Have a look at our full selection here.
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Articles Feb 14, 2024
The sweet treats and trends winning hearts this Valentine’s Day

Author | Madeline Bills | Cocoa Innovation Manager at ofi


Chocolate has long been synonymous with Valentine’s Day, with sweet treats a classic way to celebrate the season of love.

But Valentine’s Day is evolving, with Gen Z and Millennials redefining traditions.  Many consumers are choosing to celebrate this day with friends and family members, as well as significant others. In 2023, 40% of Gen Z and 20% of Millennials said they were planning to buy their friends a Valentine’s gift.[1] And what better way to do so than with cocoa?


As consumers change the way they celebrate Valentine’s Day – and who they celebrate with – there is an opportunity for manufacturers to develop new products.  From introducing more exotic flavors in confectionery to creating more experiential formats and expanding into new categories, we’re seeing companies inventing new ways for consumers to celebrate the season of love with those who matter most to them. At ofi we explore the top chocolate, confectionery and bakery trends shaping Valentine’s Day 2024 and how manufacturers can develop new offerings to win the hearts of consumers.


[1] Actually, Lots of Gen Z Would Rather Spend Valentine’s Day with Their Friends - YPulse

Press Release Feb 7, 2024
ofi creates solar-powered cocoa warehouse at Port of Amsterdam

olam food ingredients (ofi), a global leader in naturally good food and beverage ingredients, and Commodity Centre Group(“CCG”), a leader in supply chain, logistics, and warehousing solutions in the UK and Northern Europe, have partnered to create a cocoa bean warehouse terminal exclusively using green energy at the Port of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


ofi and CCG jointly achieved this by installing nearly 7,000 solar panels at the warehouse, which could lead to the reduction of 1,350 tons of CO2 per year. This is the equivalent of 67,500 trees absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and utilizes roof space in the region of two football pitches in size to maximize green energy usage. The company expects the warehouse to also be certified carbon-neutral in the future. 


The warehouse is critical for helping ofi deliver high-quality cocoa beans to its global confectionery brand customers. Using an innovative conveyor belt system, cocoa is directed into one of the 110 available pens, creating bulk micro lots managed by CCG. Not only does this enable greater segregation of beans to preserve their flavor, but it also helps maintain quality and traceability1. The company believes it is one of the only systems like this in existence, and thanks to the solar installation, the process now exclusively uses renewable energy.


This latest move forms part of ofi’s ambition for sustainable cocoa, Cocoa Compass, which sets ambitious goals – including a 30% reduction in natural capital costs2 by 2030. ofi reduced these costs in 2021 in its global cocoa processing operations by 11% per metric ton of product output, partly due to investments in renewable energy initiatives. For example, a network of biomass boilers fuelled by cocoa shells, which was recently shortlisted for an Edie sustainability award.


Chris Beetge, President of Europe, Middle East, and North Africa, ofi, said: “We’re always looking at ways to drive decarbonization across our cocoa value chain from the farm to our processing facilities and warehouses. The milestone of turning our Amsterdam warehouse operation solar-powered is another example of how we’re not only progressing towards our own environmental goals but also supporting those of our customers and the national climate agendas of the Netherlands and the EU.”


Alec Gunn, CEO of Commodity Centre Group, said: “Our Group has been working closely with ofi for over 35 years, providing logistics and warehouse solutions in multiple locations. Commodity Centre’s Amsterdam Falcon and Osprey Terminals are shining examples of our continued commitment to incorporating sustainable solutions within our operations.”


Discover much more about what ofi has to offer at


1 Cocoa beans with segregated traceability are sourced via a sustainability program, providing social and environmental support to farmers, and are kept separate from conventional cocoa beans.

2 Natural capital costs/accounting follows a holistic systems approach to understanding the true value of nature, people, and society for humans. It is an approach to measure the changes in the stock of natural capital at a variety of scales and to integrate the value of ecosystem services into accounting and reporting systems.


Articles Feb 5, 2024
Chocolate and Confectionery gets a sweet surprise across Europe

Author | Naveen Passani |

Technical Category Manager for Chocolate & Confectionery, ofi


Last year, freak weather patterns, global inflation and war have caused supply challenges and increased confectionery prices. Yet demand across Europe remained resilient. While the tough economic backdrop has led consumers to cut back on discretionary spending, many see chocolate as an affordable luxury they’re unwilling to give up.


That means intense competition for manufacturers looking to attract consumers’ attention in this category. One way to succeed is by tapping into the desire for adventure and developing products that use exotic or unusual flavors. So, building on our research into the emerging flavor profiles crossing continents, here are three chocolate and confectionery trends to watch right now.