Customized dairy solutions with fat filled milk powder

We are proud to provide top-notch, tailor-made solutions with fat filled milk powder that guarantees a harmonious blend of taste and texture. Through collaboration, we transform your brilliant ideas into reality.

Fat filled milk powder

Fat filled milk powder is a dairy product that contains skimmed milk powder enriched with vegetable fat. Fat filled milk powder is nutritious, with a desirable texture and flavor. It can be used in many applications from ice cream and yogurts, bakery goods and confectionary items, through to coffee, tea and cocoa beverages. Whatever your needs, we help you get the most from your dairy ingredients so you can delight your consumers.

How is it made?

The production of our quality fat filled milk powder involves several steps. First, high-quality skimmed milk powder is obtained by removing most of the moisture and milk fat from fresh milk. Then, carefully selected vegetable fats are added to the skimmed milk powder along with other minor ingredients. The mixture is thoroughly blended to ensure the fats are evenly distributed throughout the wet mix prior to spray-drying. The final product is then packaged to preserve its freshness and quality.

What are the benefits?

Cost-Effective – Fat filled milk powder offers a more affordable alternative to whole milk powder without compromising on taste or nutritional value. Its cost-effectiveness makes it a preferred choice for many food manufacturing applications.


Extended Shelf Life – The addition of vegetable fat to the milk powder enhances its stability and extends its shelf life. This feature is particularly favorable for food manufacturers, as it allows for easier storage and distribution.


Versatile Applications – Fat filled milk powder can be applied in a wide range of food products. It can be used as an ingredient in ice cream and yogurt, bakery goods, beverages, culinary sauces, snacks and more.


Nutritional Value – Our fat filled milk powder has been fortified with vitamins A, D3, and E to enhance its nutritional value. It is also a good source of essential minerals, and proteins, offering a convenient way for consumers to incorporate dairy goodness into their diet.

Let’s work together!

At ofi we work closely with you to craft tasty and healthy ingredients and take pride in our high-quality fat filled milk powder offering. A tailor made, application specific, complete dairy solution that meets your needs.


Our commitment to quality ensures you receive a product that is consistent in taste, texture, and nutritional value.


We are here to help you explore the versatility of fat filled milk powder in your products and find new ways to delight your consumer’s tastebuds.


Ensuring ethical, socially responsible and sustainable sourcing practices, is vital to our mission of creating positive change and fostering a healthy future.


Discover the convenience and flavor of fat filled milk powder and unlock new culinary possibilities!

The only limit is your imagination

Everyone says they innovate. We really do. Discover our latest products and find out how we can help you expand or improve your range.

You couldn’t ask for more

Fat filled milk powder has so many uses. You’d be hard pressed to find one we don’t know about. Have a look at our full selection here.
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Press Release Sep 28, 2023

ofi marks dairy-focused milestone moment in line with strategy to build a value-added ingredients and solutions-led organization

  • Expands plant facility & strengthens capabilities of Ingredient Excellence Center in Malaysia
  • Plant now delivers significantly enhanced production capabilities for functional dairy ingredients
  • New category labs with state-of-the-art R&D equipment for customizable food and beverage solutions


ofi, a global leader in naturally good food and beverage ingredients, has increased its ingredient manufacturing footprint by adding significant capacity to its dairy production facility in Johor, Malaysia with the commissioning of a new milk powder dryer, whilst also expanding its integrated dairy Ingredient Excellence Center (“IEC”), servicing customers across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Press Release Sep 28, 2023

ofi shares milestone on supporting farmer livelihoods to mark International Coffee Day

Ahead of International Coffee Day on 1st October, olam food ingredients (“ofi”), a global leader in naturally good food & beverage ingredients, announces that it has achieved more than half of its target to improve the livelihoods of 200,000 coffee farmers by 2025. The results are reported in its second Coffee LENS (Livelihoods, Education and Nature at Scale) sustainability impact report.


The report details the achievements made by ofi’s coffee platform in collaboration with customers and partners across 44 projects with a total funding commitment of over $50 million. Launched in 2020, ofi's Coffee LENS sustainability strategy lays out their comprehensive 2025 goals within a four-pillar framework: economic opportunity, education and skills training, climate action and healthy ecosystems. Through this strategy, ofi aims to create a more resilient supply chain and safeguard the future of coffee.


Despite challenges throughout 2022, including various supply chain disruptions, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and adverse weather effecting crops, ofi is progressing well towards creating a more resilient supply chain by making impact at the intersection of farmer livelihoods and the environment.

Articles Sep 27, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Pam Elliott, Quality and Food Safety Manager, North America

Pam Elliot has made it her mission to maintain and/or improve the quality of the products she has been entrusted with, since she first graduated college. When the opportunity arose for her to try her hand at food safety, she was up for the challenge. Learn more about her journey.


Your full name: Pam Elliott


Your city and country (i.e. London, United Kingdom):  Bolingbrook, Ill. United States


Your job title: Quality & Food Safety (QFS) Manager


Your functional area (i.e. Finance): Quality


Q: How long have you been at ofi? (years): 4 years on October 7th