We respect the rights of individuals, communities, and the environment

Protecting the rights of our people

ofi makes sure its workplaces are built around well-being, equality, inclusion, and trust. That means we must take a proactive approach to protect the rights of people in all our workplaces.

Freedom of association


All employees have the right to join, or refrain from joining, representative associations of their choice and to bargain collectively. Anyone’s choice to form or join an association will not compromise their equal treatment at work.



Equal opportunity


We do not make any distinction between people based on their: social or ethnic origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, genetic characteristics, nationality, surname, political opinion, trade union involvement, religious convictions, physical appearance, health, disability, or pregnancy.


We shall provide all our employees with remuneration that is fair and competitive in comparison to local market practices that we assess through regular studies and benchmarks.


We encourage the professional development of our employees.



Harassment, discrimination and bullying


Harassment, discrimination and bullying is unacceptable in ofi i.e., any behavior that creates an offensive, indecent, hostile or intimidating environment.


To protect ofi we will: 


  • demonstrate and promote professional behavior at all times which is respectful of each other; 
  • provide equal opportunities strictly based on merit and performance; 
  • attend training provided by ofi to promote understanding and compliance with the ofi Anti-Harassment Policy.


To protect ofi we will not: 


  • behave in a way that is offensive, indecent, hostile, or intimidating or discriminates in any way on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, citizen status or marital status.



Health and safety


ofi provides safe and healthy workplaces. Our companies must comply with all health and safety laws and regulations.


To protect ofi we will: 


  • be aware and comply with all applicable health and safety requirements, and make sure non-ofi personnel working on our premises do the same; 
  • immediately report any unsafe or unhealthy work practices you see to your supervisor or via the ofi Whistleblowing Link. 


To protect ofi we will not: 


  • consume alcohol or illegal drugs at work premises, except for alcoholic beverages served at company sponsored or hosted social functions.



Protecting the rights of people and communities


ofi respects the customary and legal tenure and access rights of indigenous people and observes the principle of free, prior, and informed consent. We respect and listen to the communities where we operate, and always learn from, and are considerate of, their views.



Child and forced labor


ofi strives to ensure all forms of child exploitation and the use of forced labor have no place in our operations or supply chain. We respect and abide by the ILO Conventions.


We are committed to working with others, including suppliers, interest groups and Governments to eliminate abuses in the labor markets where we operate or have influence.


We will not tolerate any form of forced labor, including prison labor, indentured labor, trafficked labor, labor enforced by debt, threats of violence or withholding identification documentation and any form of modern slavery.


ofi prohibits the hiring of individuals under the age of 18 in positions where hazardous work is required. We also proactively work with our suppliers to monitor for and help eliminate child labor.


We expect our suppliers, contractors and any third parties we work with, to uphold the same standards and values as set out in ofi’s Supplier Principles. If we become aware of counterparties deliberately falling short of these, we reserve the right to discontinue our business relationship.


Our commitment to Human Rights is set out in our ofi Fair Employment Policy which is in full compliance with the Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Global Compact’s (UNGC) guiding principles on human rights and labor.



Community engagement


Even if we have the legal right to operate, we always ensure we secure a ‘social license to operate’ through open communications, continuing dialogue, and fair dealings with communities.


Where appropriate, we undertake meaningful community engagement through the recognized approach of free, prior informed consent, which is outlined in the ofi Living Landscapes Policy.


To protect ofi we will: 


  • uphold and promote our standards of respect and dignity to the communities in which we operate; 
  • confirm any suppliers, contractors or other third parties we work with do the same; 
  • read and become familiar with the ofi Supplier Principles and Fair Employment Policy. 



Protecting the environment


ofi’s Living Landscapes Policy sets out our approach to sustainable development in agricultural supply chains and landscape management. The Living Landscapes Policy focuses on putting more back into food and farming systems than is taken out by creating and sustaining living landscapes where farmers, rural communities and ecosystems can flourish.


To protect ofi we will:


  • follow all applicable national environmental laws, regulations, requirements, and corporate commitments; 
  • follow all ofi environmental and social policies, especially as these may be more stringent than local law; 
  • implement responsible sourcing, including by eliminating unacceptable practices in land management and implementing sustainable practices where feasible; 
  • look for ways we can drive positive environmental impact and be aware of the environmental consequences of your actions; 
  • follow procedures, notify management of potential environmental concerns, and promote continuous improvement in all relevant processes.



Ensuring food safety and quality


ofi’s reputation and success is founded upon providing safe high-quality products and services that meet all applicable standards and regulations, as well as accurate and appropriate information about these products and services, within the end-to-end value chain.


All employees have a role to play in ensuring the products and services we provide, meet, and often exceed, the expectations of our customers. We will take prompt action to address products or services that do not meet our own high standards or those required by the marketplace including, when required, recalling such products.


To protect ofi we will:


  • apply effective processes to measure and record product and process performance and, where appropriate, take effective corrective and preventive actions to assure great product quality experiences for our customers; 
  • promptly and proactively report all product safety or product quality concerns to Line Management, the Quality & Food Safety Team (QFS Team), LEGAL or via the ofi Whistleblowing Line. 


To protect ofi we will not: 


  • knowingly produce or distribute products, that could adversely impact employees’ or consumers’ health, endanger customers, damage communities, or adversely impact ofi’s brand reputation;
  • knowingly provide inaccurate, untimely, or misleading information on food or food related services; 
  • take decisions about product safety or quality without the authority or knowledge to do so; 
  • respond to customers about product quality or safety of products without gathering all the facts and consulting with the relevant internal experts and resources; 
  • take independent action on food safety issues without engaging the QFS Team and LEGAL (this includes product tampering or counterfeiting; consumer complaints that may lead to legal disputes; potential product recalls); 
  • engage with external regulatory bodies on food safety issues without engaging the QFS Team and LEGAL.



Responsible innovation


Innovation is fundamental to ofi’s business success and a core part of our global strategy. The integrity and objectivity of our science are a key foundation for our approach to responsible innovation.


Safety is non-negotiable. ofi conducts responsible, safe research and innovation, respectful of the concerns of our consumers and society. In meeting consumer needs, ofi's innovations are based on sound science and technology, and reflect ethical principles.


To protect ofi all employees involved in scientific research and innovation activity will:


  • ensure that risks for consumer safety, occupational safety and the environment are suitably assessed and managed; 
  • ensure appropriate specifications of raw materials, products and packaging and labelling are compliant with the regulations; 
  • ensure effective management of allergen risk to address consumer safety risks; 
  • ensure research on human subjects is conducted in compliance with national and international regulations and relevant codes; 
  • ensure the integrity, robustness, objectivity and transparency of all scientific research and collaborations with external partners; 
  • maintain and make accessible, to the extent it is appropriate, records of all research, including study protocols and data, and their interpretation and decisions made; 
  • raise any concerns about actual or potential non-compliance with this section with Line Manager or the Legal function. 


To protect ofi we will not: 


  • deliver presentations or publications that have not been approved by the Innovation Function; 
  • collaborate with third parties on innovation projects outside a structured and approved contractual framework.



To view the Policies referred to in this section contact the ofi Legal, Compliance and Co Sec function.