Increasing globalization means flavor trends are crossing borders faster than ever. Using a combination of AI-powered research and insights from our innovation experts, we’ve identified the next big flavor trends taking off across the globe. We’re seeing Asian flavors like dragon fruit, sesame, yuzu, lychee and miso catching on in the US and Europe, while Western flavors like butterscotch, marshmallow, salted caramel and cookies & cream are becoming more popular in South Asian countries, including Indonesia and India.

Our ingredients innovation experts have turned these trends into adventurous cocoa pairings and dishes we could see on menus or in stores soon – click on the flavor hotspot map below to explore the tastes trending in your region.


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To find out more – and discuss how you can take your flavor combinations to the next level – speak to our innovation team.

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Chocolate and Confectionery gets a sweet surprise across Europe

Naveen Passani, Technical Category Manager for Chocolate & Confectionery, ofi


Last year, freak weather patterns, global inflation and war have caused supply challenges and increased confectionery prices. Yet demand across Europe remained resilient. While the tough economic backdrop has led consumers to cut back on discretionary spending, many see chocolate as an affordable luxury they’re unwilling to give up.


That means intense competition for manufacturers looking to attract consumers’ attention in this category. One way to succeed is by tapping into the desire for adventure and developing products that use exotic or unusual flavors. So, building on our research into the emerging flavor profiles crossing continents, here are three chocolate and confectionery trends to watch right now.

East meets West: ofi uses artificial intelligence to predict the regional cocoa flavors about to go global

ofi predicts a greater fusion of Eastern and Western flavors in confectionery, bakery, beverages, and snacks, after combining the insights of its innovation experts in key regional markets and AI-powered research to identify the next big cocoa flavor trends.

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