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Chocolate confectionary

With consumers increasingly attracted to premium chocolate and confectionery products, sales for Valentine's Day are predicted to increase by 5%1 this year. And so, it's no surprise that there have been several new product launches and special promotions in the lead-up to February 14th, like Hershey's Kisses Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Candy, Geisha Heart Shaped Boxes from Fazer and Ritter Sports’ Raspberry Rose.


To celebrate the occasion, let's delve into one of the key ingredients in chocolate: cocoa liquor. And how it can help manufacturers create products that hit the sweet spot with consumers. 


Unique taste experiences

Different cocoa liquors have the power to create signature flavor notes that can elevate a product recipe to new heights. That's because, just like wine, cocoa from various regions has its own terroir, impacted by factors like soil and roasting techniques. Whether it's a beautifully aromatic Ecuadorian cocoa liquor, a bold and smooth tasting one from Ghana, or a complex and rich whole bean roasted liquor from Côte d'Ivoire, each is unique. 


Take our DZNM5023 cocoa liquor from our premium brand, deZaan. Through careful roasting at our processing facility in Koog aan deZaan in the Netherlands, it’s crafted with a robust yet balanced cocoa flavor and a moderate bitterness that builds to a slight nuttiness. It also has floral and fruity notes with very low acidity. And, thanks to its quality and fineness, it produces a creamy, velvety texture, it will produce a creamy, velvety texture, making it ideal for use in a chocolate bar, hot chocolate, or ice cream recipe. 


Sustainability from bean to bar

As much as consumers seek chocolate products that deliver a taste of premium indulgence, many will still factor social and environmental credentials2 into their purchasing decisions. Choosing segregated and traceable cocoa liquor can help manufacturers win on both fronts.  


The deZaan DZNM5023 cocoa liquor is made from Ecuadorean Arriba cocoa sourced via our Cocoa Compass sustainability ambition. That means we partner with our customers to help the farmers improve their incomes through tailored training and distributing cocoa seedlings. Plus, we work with them to find new ways to earn more, like growing tomatoes and pumpkins to either eat or sell locally. And because the sustainable cocoa beans in this cocoa liquor are kept apart from non-sustainable beans throughout the supply chain, our customers can tell a stronger story about the origin of the ingredients in their products. They can also view detailed impact metrics for themselves via our insights platform, AtSource.


If you would like more inspiration this Valentine's Day, why not get the latest insights from our innovation experts in our deZaan confectionary magazine.


1The National confections Association
2Euromonitor: Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2022


David Liu, Yen-Lin |

Vice President, Cocoa Liquor, ofi