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ofi has boots-on-the-ground all over the globe. When you partner with us, we can offer you a wide portfolio of high quality, sustainable ingredients for your private label brands.

Global benefits for private label customers

With ofi as a partner, retailers have an opportunity to lead food trends and conversations with product innovation and global sourcing capabilities for their owned brands.


With physical presence around the world, we can help provide transparency from farm to shelf across all our verticals including agricultural, commercial, culinary, innovation, sustainability and supply chain expertise. 

Chili plantation


We are farmers operating company-owned farms while providing sustainability support to 420,000 smallholder farmers and operating 100+ food processing facilities around the world. 

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We have invested heavily in automation and have fostered a culture focused on optimal efficiency and loss elimination. We provide outstanding customer service with a dedicated transportation team to ensure products are delivered on time and in full.  

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Excellence means offering safe high-quality products that meet your spec requirements. We have manufacturing facilities that are HACCP certified, FSMA compliant, GFSI-BRC certified and offer halal, kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO and organic certified products.

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We help our customers with product specification development, nutritional analysis, and NLEA label development. We enable them to better inform consumers of what’s inside their private label packages.

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ofi’s capital strength, highest-quality production assets, and high-performing growth model enables us to invest in new facilities and systems to tap into the latest trends and deliver the products our retailer customers need to grow. 

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With 30 years of experience, ofi provides category leadership to retailers. We lead in agriculture, market and supply, as well as across global markets at a macro level and intimate regional levels.

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We innovate across the supply chain — at origin, in our culinary kitchens, in our labs and where our products are consumed. This innovation is driven by consumer insights and brought to life by our creative culinary teams at our state-of-the-art innovation centers. 

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AtSource — a revolutionary sustainability insights platform

ofi customers enjoy exclusive access to AtSource, an online portal, for an end-to-end view of production from farm-to-shelf. We share key environmental and social metrics with retailers to offer top quality and best practices in cultivation and harvest as we encourage sustainability at every step.

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