It's not a cookie. It's a color statement.

Novel experiences are winning the hearts of a young and experimental audience. These startling black cookies offer an amplified sensory experience across the board.

Black chocolatey cookie with hazelnuts

First impressions matter: before you even take a bite of food, you've already "eaten" it with your eyes. Thanks to one of our black cocoa powders, these crunchy treats offer serious cocoa intensity in a vibrant fusion of outstanding color and flavor. Perfect for those cravings for dark, strongly flavored, indulgent chocolatey tastes. Hazelnuts make this a true match in heaven thanks to their luxurious mouthfeel and complementary flavor.

Hero Ingredients
Ofi Ingredients
  • deZaan D11B black cocoa powder 
  • Hazelnuts
Key Claims
  • Premium ingredients
  • Feasting with your eyes
  • Indulgence
  • Amplified sensory experiences