It's not a chocolate bar. It's farming the future.

It's not enough for a chocolate bar to just be a sumptuous, melt-in-your-mouth, rich delight. It also should work toward making a positive difference. Enter Cocoa Compass.


Single origin chocolate bar

Featuring nib-roasted cocoa liquor from single origin Ecuadorean Arriba cocoa beans, this bar has a rich chocolate taste and an aromatic bouquet with a delicate flavor. It's only right that it has the silky texture and clean melting to match. But sustainability insights platform AtSource is what really makes it stand out. It enables tracking the social, economic and environmental impact of a product from the farmer group to the factory gate.

Hero Ingredients

Ofi Ingredients
  • deZaan DZNM5023 cocoa mass
  • deZaan Astra A cocoa butter

Key Claims

Label claims are important to guide consumers to the benefits they are seeking. For this product, producers can claim:

  • Sustainability
  • Traceability
  • Single origin
  • Indulgence


Unlocking traceability

AtSource is powered by – among others - data from the Olam Farmer Information System. AtSource monitors nine core sustainability topics, related to the 12 UN Sustainable Development Goals.