It's not hot chocolate.

It's a connection to Ghana.

The world’s love of coffee in all its different guises is being challenged by the growing trend for artisanal hot chocolate. This one is rich, velvety, and single origin cocoa treat.


Single origin hot chocolate mix

Each pack of our Hot Chocolate is made with single origin cocoa sourced in Ghana, West Africa. Ghana provides us with Forastero beans which give us rich and complex flavours. From the farms and community through to our ingredients processing facility in Amsterdam, we are working to preserve the distinctive unique character of this fine cocoa.

ofi ingredients

  • deZaan D11MG SG single-origin cocoa powder 
  • Unicao UGNM 1057 cocoa mass from Ghana 

Key claims

Label claims are important to guide consumers to the benefits they are seeking. For this product, producers can claim:

  • Single origin
  • Traceability
  • Indulgence