It's not convenience food. It's a fiery slurp.

A symphony of flavor and spice is here to transport your senses to an elevated level of culinary bliss. Whether you're a garlic enthusiast or a spice lover, these noodles promise to satisfy your cravings and awaken your taste buds.


Hot garlic noodles

These noodles are expertly crafted with a symphony of aromatic garlic and a well-balanced blend of spices that will leave your palate craving for more. Vegetable powders join garlic to create the perfect base for chili, black pepper, turmeric and ginger to work their magic.

Hero Ingredients

Ofi Ingredients
  • Dehydrated vegetable powder (garlic)
  • Spice mix (chili, black pepper, turmeric, ginger)

Key Claims

  • Bold Flavor Fusion
  • Convenience