It's not a baking mix.

It's home baked bliss.

At-home baking is on the rise as friends and families look for wholesome activities that don't break their budgets. Tapping into plant-based demands, this choice offers a great option for the eco-conscious.


Organic brownie Mix

This indulgent premix centers on expertly crafted organic cocoa powder with a vibrant brown color, a wonderfully fine texture and a rich chocolate taste. It’s also supported by the availability of full traceability and organic certifications. The high-quality end result is sure to be an irresistible celebration of all things good and chocolatey.

ofi ingredients

  • deZaan Organic Master O1 (O11DQ) cocoa powder

Key claims

Label claims are important to guide consumers to the benefits they are seeking. For this product, producers can claim:

  • Organic
  • Plant-based
  • Convenience