It's not a latte. It's the next-generation of planet-friendly drinks.

When you're juggling a-hundred-and-one things in the morning, convenience is paramount. This ready-to-mix solution is childsplay - all you need is water to enjoy a delicious plant-based beverage without the hassle.


Ready to mix almond latte

This smooth and creamy nut sensation combines soluble coffee, almond protein powder and vegan creamer for a tasty, foamy 3-in-1 powder. Just add water to the mix for the perfect pick-me-up whenever convenience is a concern. Think of camping, at the office, or even just when you need something fast at home. Other options are a combination with cashew protein powder, or cappuccino and mocha flavors, featuring a touch of cocoa.

Hero Ingredients

Ofi Ingredients
  • Spray dried soluble coffee
  • Almond protein powder

Key Claims

  • Plant-powered ingredients
  • Convenience