It's not another kitchen staple.

It's the one thing you need on the table.

Often referred to as the "king of spices," this culinary treasure is cherished for its robust flavor and versatile applications. A clear winner for adding a warm, earthy, and slightly spicy taste to any dish. 


Ground black pepper

ofi is the world’s largest fully integrated pepper provider from estate to processed ingredients. Our estates in Gia Lai, Vietnam and Bahia, Brazil are the first of their kind, providing traceability back to each block of pepper planted. Our single estate black pepper is produced utilizing best-in-class agricultural practices such as cover crops, compost, and digital crop monitoring systems. Unique to the industry, we can provide single varietal offerings that support consistency and dynamic flavor profiles.

ofi Ingredients

  • Pepper

Key claims

Label claims are important to guide consumers to the benefits they are seeking. For this product, producers can claim that it has an intense and authentic taste. Besides that, this single estate pepper is fully traceable, because of ofi's integrated sourcing from estate right up to processing of the peppercorns into its ground formats.