It's not another cup of coffee. It's the singular taste of Zambia.

Discover a thrilling range of tastes and characters with specialty single-origin Zambian coffee. Sourced from our own estate, our proximity to the integrated supply chain means we can control the quality process from start to end.


Zambian coffee

High altitudes and its proximity to the equator make Zambia one of the best coffee growing regions in the world. With our estates situated at 1,650 masl, Zambian cherries have time to develop the complex sugars that deliver truly exceptional single-origin coffee. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability and quality provides a truly special cup of coffee that supports producers and delights consumers.

Hero Ingredients

Ofi Ingredients

Green coffee beans from Zambia

Key Claims

  • Bold flavors
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Single origin 
  • Fully washed and natural processing
  • Traceable


Bringing the human touch

We help enrich lives and livelihoods in and around our estates through high-impact sustainability initiatives - from building schools and water conservation, to promoting beekeeping as an additional source of income and promoting machine operator roles to women. Our Kateshi estate is the first and only Zambian coffee estate to employ female tractor drivers, breaking down long-established social barriers and helping women gain greater financial independence.