Time to transform agricultural supply chains

The global food system, and agriculture in particular, is at the centre of some of the world’s most serious developmental, economic and environmental challenges. To help tackle these issues, we’ve created a Sustainability Framework including 10 Priority Areas that cover all aspects of our operations.

Man wearing hat looking at plants

We based the Priority Areas, which include topics like economic opportunity and water use, on a combination of our customers’ commitments, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the nine Planetary Boundaries identified by the Stockholm Resilience Centre.


Alongside customers, partners and farming communities, we’re taking action every day in each priority area. We report on our progress regularly and we’re monitored and rated by third-party agencies. Comprehensive action and transparency help us build trust and strengthen relationships as we look towards a truly sustainable global food system.

Woman kneeling in front a newly planted plants
Group of men sitting and cutting open cacao pods

Economic Opportunity

Improving livelihoods

Male worker wearing a face mask sitting on a forklift in a warehouse

Safe & Decent work

Creating safe workplaces

Group of woman standing in a forest and writing on notepads

Education & Skills​

Empowering communities and improving skills

Smiling male nurse posing with his arm crossed and standing against a blue wall with a red cross on it

Nutrition & Health​

Improving farmer and employee wellness

Two people kneeling and holding seeds in their hand

Diversity & Inclusion

Supporting diversity and inclusion

Landscape of an open green field filled with crops

Climate Action

Taking action on climate change

Scenic shot of a forest

Healthy Eco-systems 

Supporting biodiversity and effective land use

Close up shot of a hand planting seeds

Healthy Soils

Protecting soils and restoring degraded land

Woman watering plants


Conserving water while increasing yields


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Hand of a person holding sand

Reduced waste

Reducing food waste to feed more people and reduce global warming


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ofi targets to tackle poverty and scale up sustainability in global cashew supply chains

Today Olam Food Ingredients (“ofi”), one of the world’s largest suppliers of ingredients* from almonds to black pepper, has published sustainability targets to tackle the biggest challenges in the global cashew supply chain, starting with farmer livelihoods.

Ghanian female farmer harvesting cashews

Our progress towards tackling deforestation in cocoa

Forests are vital to sustainable cocoa production. Not only do they help to improve biodiversity and mitigate against climate change, they also help to improve cocoa yields and raise farmer incomes.

Scenic photo of a forest and a waterfall

Olam Food Ingredients accelerates its growth strategy with a transformative US acquisition

Olam Food Ingredients (“ofi”) is acquiring a leading US private label spices and seasonings manufacturer Olde Thompson at an EV of US$950 million through its wholly owned subsidiary Olam Holdings Inc.

Above shot of a set of wooden spoons filled with various spices
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