Employee Spotlight: Jagdeep Basi, Sr. Director of Supply Chain, North America

“When Jagdeep Basi first joined ofi, she was drawn by the company’s vision. Five years later, she is now one of the essential leaders ensuring that vision comes to life”


Your full name: Jagdeep Basi


Your city and country: Fresno, California, US


Your job title: Sr. Director Supply Chain


Your functional area: Planning and Customer Ops

How long have you been at ofi:

I’ve been with ofi for five years, first as part of the tomatoes business. Then, once the organization decided to take a more centralized approach to supply planning, I was asked to take over ofi’s onion, garlic and parsley supply chains. Today, I oversee all planning throughout North America.


What brought you to ofi?

Throughout my career, I have held roles at Frito Lay, Clorox and Foster Farms, as a production supervisor and sales manager, until finding my home in planning and supply chain. When I was first approached by ofi, I was inspired by the vision and future of the company. I saw it as a great place to grow and apply my knowledge to help find new ways of managing planning.


What motivates you when you wake up and come into work?

Motivation to do better and change processes while implementing new processes gets me up in the morning.  While I enjoy my job a lot, I feel a sense of responsibility for my team.  I love the folks I work with and through collaboration we are able to identify solutions to many challenges.  The sense of belonging and responsibility keeps me motivated to come to work and do better each day.


Anything you’d like to add to help others succeed?

It’s easy to get frustrated. But remember to be patient and celebrate successes both big and small. I’d also like to encourage folks to not be afraid to take risks when it comes to your career. Don’t miss out on an opportunity because it sounds challenging or because you still have not fixed the current issue. You can overcome anything with commitment and dedication. Make mistakes but learn from them and don’t repeat them.


What has been your favorite moment at ofi so far?

Planning for legacy spices has always been my favorite part of the job. I understand the demand and supply side, from plant capabilities to knowing and understanding the products themselves. Currently for me, every single day is different. So, every time something comes up from legacy spices, you know it's like “oh yeah, it's something I know like the back of my hand. It feels like home.”


Our company's purpose is ‘be the change for good food and a healthy future.’ In what way do you live our purpose through your work?

It's just being in the kitchen and experimenting with my kids. Telling them about the spices and how they came about. My husband's big on healthy food. So, we get to experiment and try different ingredients and flavors. I’m proud to play a role in that.