Innovation in baked goods

Raspberry Sandwich Cookies

By Tamara Vissers


Baked goods have long been popular with consumers looking for tasty, indulgent snacking. But the landscape is shifting as shoppers seek out new flavor combinations and nutritional benefits. To celebrate National Baking Week, here are four cocoa and nut trends I’m seeing in the bakery category right now – and what that means for developing new creations.


1. Indulgent delights. Indulgence is a key trend that continues to dominate the industry. The inclusion of cocoa into baked goods is a perfect way of enhancing a product’s premium quality and taste. Like in this melt-in-the-mouth chocolate fudge cake, which includes the deZaan D21CM cocoa powder. This dark, high-fat, dutched cocoa powder – which has notes of chocolate, nuts, caramel, and cream – creates an unforgettable treat.


2. Plant-based protein power. Consumers are now looking for more from their baked goods. As well as taste and indulgence, they’re seeking snacks that have additional health benefits. That’s powering new product developments and we’re seeing a shift towards lower sugar, and fibre treats. Using our nut protein powders, like almond or cashew, in bakery products is an effective way of creating a gluten-free healthier snack.


3. Contemporary flavor combinations. Cocoa and chocolate flavors take the top spot for consumers when choosing baked goods, according to Innova. But almond, lemon, coconut, red raspberry, orange, and caramel are gaining in popularity, opening up opportunities for new flavor blends. These exciting combinations with cocoa are appearing across a variety of products, from cakes to pastries, filled croissants, and biscuits. Our raspberry sandwich cookies, made using the deZaan D23A cocoa powder, are a perfect example of how customers can tap into this trend. Combining two layers of chocolate cookie with a creamy, raspberry manuka honey center, this snack hits all the right flavor and sensory notes. 


4. Rise of the bite-size snack. Innova insights reveal that sweet biscuits and cookies were the top subcategories for new baked goods product development from 2021-2022. And research also shows that customers are being drawn to miniature bite-size ranges, as the rise of healthier and on-the-go snacking grows in popularity. Brands that are keeping up innovation in this space and relaunching existing product ranges in new ways will keep their customers coming back for more.

Introducing: ofi’s plant-based Healthy Bites

Tapping into all of these trends, here at ofi we’ve created a healthy, unbaked ‘cookie dough’ in small, ready-to-eat bite-size pieces. This bakery snack 2.0 contains no added sugar, sweetened instead by cocoa nibs, fruit, and vegetables, including raspberry and beetroot. It’s plant-based, and gluten-free. Made using blanched almond protein powder and the D11ZR cocoa powder, which is an intense red powder with a strong chocolaty note, this makes it a source of protein and high in fiber. Healthy bites bring an indulgent experience by combining the flavors of cocoa with almond and raspberry for a delicious taste that won’t leave consumers disappointed. 


For more inspiration, get in touch to find out how we can help you uncover new ways to create delicious new products that satisfy and excite your customer’s changing bakery expectations.


Tamara Vissers | Application Specialist