Coffee beverages

Cashew cappuccino: Combining soluble coffee with cashew protein powder and a vegan creamer for a tasty, foamy 3-in-1 powder.


Almond cappuccino: This time, almond protein powder is used to create an indulgent moment of joy. Perfect for a quick break at home, at the office, or even camping. 


Coffee cortado: Delicious on its own, or the starting point for an entire coffee range. How about a mocha or latte? This blend of coffee extract and almond or cashew paste offers a creamy, smooth and indulgent experience.

Cocoa beverages

Indulgent cocoa cashew: Classic pairing ​of cocoa and cashew paste for ​a rich, smooth and creamy ​beverage. Experience its indulgent yet milky chocolate or cocoa taste.​


Ghana cocoa cashew: For a more adult and intense flavor, we’ve blended creamy cashew paste with our single-origin fat-reduced Ghana cocoa powder. Experience a round and mild cocoa taste, elevated by very rich and full-bodied chocolate flavor notes. 


Ghana cocoa almond: This indulgent Ghana cocoa beverage uses protein powder from almonds, a consumer favorite thanks to their familiarity. 

Nuts beverages

Double nuts: Cashews and almonds are a great pairing for a unique taste and the perfect creaminess and mouthfeel.


Just cashew: Cashews take the starring role in this version. Enjoy this pleasant flavor and texture.


Dairy-nut hybrid: Get the best of both worlds with this combination of semi-skimmed milk and cashew paste. Perfect for flexitarians seeking to reduce their dairy intake while maintaining nutrition, taste and texture. 

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