Egg-cellent Chocolate: Four trends we’re seeing in consumers’ Easter baskets

From conscious consumers seeking out organic and plant-based chocolate Easter treats to those that love indulgence and excitement, we’ve identified four trends to suit every taste. 

1. Dairy-free delights

Our recent research found that 58% of consumers expect their plant-based consumption to increase in the next two years. So, it’s no surprise to see more plant-based Easter eggs and treats on the market as consumer demand increases. Some of our favorite vegan treats this year include Lindt’s classic Gold Bunny in vegan dark chocolate.


To help manufacturers satisfy consumers’ desire for a milk chocolate alternative, we’ve developed a plant-based version of Gianduja. It’s made with whole bean-roasted cocoa liquor that brings a rich, round, consistent taste profile. It also provides the right balance with our specialty hazelnut paste and gives the Gianduja a good snap, adding to the sensory experience

2. Conscious consumption

Product launches with clean-label claims are on the up. In particular, the number of health-conscious consumers seeking organic products is on the rise. In fact, the latest research by Innova shows organic is now the third largest health claim globally and is continuing to grow. That’s especially true in Europe, where organic is now the top clean label claim consumers look for. From Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Organic Easter Egg and Montezuma’s Easter Frizzle, we’ve seen brands offering organic Easter egg ranges to meet this growing demand.


We recently launched our first organic cocoa butter, Astra O. Characterized by its silky texture, it can be used across a number of applications, including chocolate and confectionery. It’s sourced from certified organic farms, and the beans are 100% segregated and can be traced throughout the supply chain, so our customers can rest assured that the integrity of the organic certification is maintained. 

3. Colorful combinations

Research into flavor trends by Nutritional Outlook has shown that consumers are encountering a wider range of exotic flavors and becoming more experimental in their product choices. We’ve seen a growing number of products using flavored and colored chocolates. Easter treats that excite and delight customers and add a sense of fun are likely to prevail over Easter. We’ve seen colorful and unusual egg launches for 2023 including Hershey’s Cookies & Crème white chocolate egg and M&S’s Percy Pig Giant Choc Face.


At ofi we’ve been exploring ways to offer solutions to this trend through products such as our deZaan Moonlight extra white cocoa butter. This bright white butter allows manufacturers to create confectionery and fillings in a stunning bright white color whilst simultaneously delivering on the trend for health-conscious consumers who want to avoid artificial colors and flavorings in their products.  


We recently developed bonbons using deZaan Moonlight cocoa butter for the outer layer and deZaan TrueDark N11D cocoa powder for a dark filling to create a visually appealing contrast between the colors from the first bite.

4. A time for indulgence

Premiumization and indulgence is a trend set to shape 2023 and is one which we identified in our top trends for this year. And there’s no better time for this trend to ring true than Easter, with many indulgent eggs and other Easter-themed treats on the market. For the consumer seeking a truly decadent egg this Easter, our favorite options include Mondelez’s Toblerone ‘The Edgy Egg’ and Ferrero’s Golden Easter Egg with milk chocolate and hazelnut.


Here’s some elegant inspiration from our deZaan experts that use our range of powders to create an indulgent hazelnut easter egg, complete with a light mousse and impressive mirror glaze.